Community Updates: January 25, 2015

There is a great week of programming ahead of you. We will wrap up January with a focus on prepping for and focusing on intensity during class. In February the Movement of the Day (MOD) is coming back, but to be done after WOD. The MOD will be either strength work, gymnastic skill work, or extra conditioning. We’re putting it last to continue to emphasize the priority of WOD intensity.

Please remember your primary coach is available for 15 min skill sessions. These are scheduled one-on-one times to address a one particular movement that you would like help with. The point is for the coach to give you 1-2 things to work on one your own to help you reach your goal faster. Skill sessions are included in your membership.

Friday Night Lights FAQS

We already have over 50 athletes registered for Friday Night Lights.

Check out our announcement video:

We’re getting many of the same questions, so lets answer some here.

If I am gone for a week can I still participate?

Yes. Most other Crossfit Affiliates are participating in the Crossfit Open and will be doing the same workouts at some point. So you can do the Open workout with them and help out your team.

Do I have to be on a team to participate?

Yes. If you are a CFHP member we expect you to register through ZenPlanner. Community is what we are all about.

Can my family come watch?

Yes. (And we have prizes for them too.)

Do I have to register at too?

Only if you want to be included on the World Wide Leaderboard (which is pretty awesome). If you are signed up for the Open, your workouts must be validated and completed as written for either Rx or Scaled.

Have more questions? Email and we’ll answer them for everyone here.

Make sure to sign up at

We’re looking for 5 businesses to sponsor each week. For more details contact Avery Bragg.

Upcoming Skill Clinics

CTB pullups and MU - Thurs 2/4 6pm and Sat 2/6 10am

HSPU - 2/18 6pm and 2/20 10am

What skills do you need help with? Let us know so we can make them part of our schedule.

Other Cool Stuff

Spencer holds the athlete spotlight this week! Prepare to be inspired:!athletespotlight/cj0i

Cauliflower black bean hummus on our Food As Fuel Blog (!fuel-your-wod/c11y9)

For your friends outside Savannah…. Did you know we offer remote coaching? Check it out!!remote-coaching/c1u48

Keep up the great training!

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