Community Updates: February 22, 2016

Good Morning CFHP family,

Here are some quick reminders (details in post)

- Friday Night Lights scoring information - this starts today!

- Friday Night Light logistics - what to expect

- Major changes coming to World’s Best Boot Camp

- Programming layout for the week

Please remember that for the next 5 weeks there will be NO 11:30, 4:30, 5:45, or 6:00 PM class on Friday Nights.


This is more than event. Over the next 5 weeks you can score major points for your team by paying attention to various lifestyle categories that let you earn points for your team.

Each week you will print out your scorecard :(

Honestly record the points you’ve earned for your team. Turn in your scorecard each Friday at FNL. There is one physical score card per person per week. Score cards must be totaled. Emails, texts, and Facebook messages will not be accepted. (Hey - the captains and coaches will be busy cheering for you, not tallying points! Keep this FUN.)

The Challenge Categories are: Lifestyle Fitness

Recovery & Mobility

The LIFESTYLE Activities are:

  • Getting 6-8 Hours of Sleep, each night

  • Taking Fish Oil Every Day

  • Drinking Half your Bodyweight in Ounces, of Water each day

  • Sending 5 Teammate Atta-Boy Cards or a public facebook attaboy shout out (‪#‎cfhpfnl‬)

The FITNESS Activites are:

  • Accumulating 5 minutes of Plank Holds (one time per week)

  • Accumulating 25 minutes of Jump Rope Practice (one time per week)

  • Completing 1 total hour of Mobility

  • Accumulating 2000 meters of rowing, biking, running or swimming

  • 5-minute AMRAP of 12 Squats, 10 sit ups, and 8 Pushups (2 times per week max)

The RECOVERY Activities are:

  • Taking a Protein/ Recovery Drink, before or after a WOD

  • Doing one visit to Chill Factor Cyro (15pts if you pay for the visit and turn in the receipt)

  • Getting a massage from the vendors at Friday Night Lights (3pts)

  • 5 minutes of foam-rolling

Additional points for a podium score in all divisions, and team spirit categories. (Not listed here for simplicity).

We are after all ONE TEAM. When one person wins we all win. We expect the utmost integrity on claiming your score. HAVE FUN.


  • Watch the announcement at on Thursday night at 8pm. Make sure to also watch the standards video and understand the Scaling options if those apply to you.

  • Around 10am on Friday we will announce the heat times on the FNL Facebook event page. If you wish to sign up for a particular heat, they are first come first serve. You may come by the gym in person or call the main number to request a heat. 912-335-3615. Requests will NOT be accepted via Facebook, email, or texts.

  • The gym will stay open all day. Many competitors will be doing the workout around noon. Feel free to watch, cheer, and strategize. They are allowed to go early because they are coming back to JUDGE.

  • From 1:30 to 4:30 we will be setting up. Feel free to come help.

  • At 4 you may come in to start moving around and warming up if you are in the the first heat. No working out between 1:30 and 4.


1.) You must check in. If you have not reserved a heat, you will be assigned one at check-in.

2.) Wear your team jersey.

3.) Leave as much of your personal belongings in your car as possible. Only bring in what you need.

Space will be seriously limited. ALL belonging will have a dedicated area (it may change from week to


4.) Check in with your team coach. He/She will have warm-up instructions for you and can help with

strategy and skill work.

5.) Turn in your team score card.

  • There will be a designated warm-up area and bull-pin area. Only athletes in the current heat are allowed on the competition floor. Check into the bull-pin no less than 10 minutes before your heat time starts.

  • Crush the Workout! Remember the judges are volunteers too. They are there to uphold the standards for those submitting scores to and to ensure fair scoring for everyone. Arguing with a judge will immediately invalidate your score and loose points for your team.

  • Stay for the party! It will take a few minutes to determine team winners, etc. We appreciated everyone staying to help clean up!

  • Submit your score online if you are registered for the Open. Shout out to your team - #cfhpfnl.

CHANGES COMING TO WBBC….New Name, More Awesomeness

We’re excited to announce that WBBC Savannah is getting a facelift. The new 8-week program is called The Squad Savannah and is perfect for new athletes needing to learn movements, change nutrition habits, and build more endurance before starting Crossfit programming. The next Squad will start on March 5th and meet THREE TIMES per week. The cost is $299 for the 8 week program. Please help us spread the news!


Now that the Open is here, you’ll see a few changes to programming layout in class. Look for this format for the next couple of weeks:

  • There is a lot of work to get done on Mon, Tues, and Wed. Thursday should be a light/rest day for everyone doing FNL. Thursday will be more aerobic/partner workout for everyone who comes to class. Friday morning classes will feature a modified version of the Open workout.

  • Because we know that there will be no running in the Open expect to see more of that during the daily WODs. (And because it’s beautiful this week!) That way we are not going to over-do something like a row which may show up on Friday.

  • The FNL event does not count as a class for those of you with 2 or 3x per week memberships. It’s bonus :)

I know this is a long update! Remember we are here for any questions you have. Make sure to see your primary coach early in the week for skills you need to brush up on.

Stay Limitless!

CFHP Coaches

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