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Community Updates: February 29, 2016

Happy Leap year!

So Our first FNL is now in the books, team G-unit is in the lead, but not by much. There are tons of ways to earn points for your team (and get every one fitter, healthier, and happier in the process….). I’m so thrilled by the way that each team was overtaken by team spirit. AND YET - still remembered that we are ALL ONE TEAM. Folks stepped in to support, cheer, and volunteer so that everyone could benefit regardless of team. I am so grateful for this community!


1.) 50 bonus points will be awarded to the team that collects the most stuff for care packages to send to Afghanistan. You can bring in items from now until this Friday at Friday Night Lights. Make sure you put it into your teams colored box. Not on a team and want to donate? Just pick your favorite color :) Items that are good to snag include entertainment, non-perishable food and snacks, and toiletries. Things like travel checkers, deck of cards, books, cliff bars, peanut butter, jerky, hot sauce, gum, candy, sunscreen, lip balm, eyeglass wipes, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, cough drops, small packets of kleenex, eye drops, water flavor packets, to name a few. If a winner isn’t obvious by looking at the volume of items we will weigh the boxes.

2.) 10 bonus points will be awarded to each team that has a volunteer represented. A new volunteer sign up sheet with roles and shift times will be posted by the white board each week. Volunteers should be able to work that entire shift (but you can do the workout in a heat before or after). Of course we need volunteers that want to be a part of the fun but aren’t competing in FNL.

4.) LIFESTYLE BONUS POINT SHEETS must be physically turned in by Friday at 6pm in the respective team’s fishbowl for counting. Remember to tally your score. Sheets can be printed from here:

3.) HEAT SIGN-UP will open at 10am on Friday (we have to finalize the times and get the board ready on Friday morning). Heats fill up quickly. If you have a time preference make sure to call early in the day. Heats may have limited number of Rx and scaled spots.

Reminder - last minute updates and the heat announcement will be made on the Friday Night Lights event page on Facebook. Make sure you “going” to the event to get the updates.

The Green Team is up for this week’s party. It’s gonna be awesome!


Look for formats to be similar to last week and the remainder of Friday Night Lights. If you are competing then Mon, Tues, and Wed are days you should be training hard. Take Thursday as a rest day. Come in Friday to mobilize and move around and work on skill work if needed. The MOD will work a little on strength and conditioning after the workout. Look for a fun partner chipper on Thursday if you’re not planning to do the Open workout Friday. Remember there are no 11:30, 4:30, 5:45, and 7pm classes on Friday.


  • ROW SKILL CLINIC - Thursday 3/3 at 6pm and Saturday 3/5 at 10am.

  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS WEEK 2 - 3/4 4:30 pm until (Green Team throws party)

  • THE SQUAD SAVANNAH BOOTCAMP - Opening Day 3/5 @ noon

  • HEADSTART #2 - Saturday 3/5 @noon

  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS WEEK 3 - 3/11 4:30 pm until (Blue team throws party)

  • HEADSTART #3 - Saturday 3/12 @ noon

  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS WEEK 4 - 3/18 4:30 pm until (Purple team throws party)

  • MOBILITY SKILL CLINIC - Saturday 3/19 @ 10 am

  • HEADSTART #4 - Saturday 3/19 @ noon

  • MOBILITY SKILL CLINIC - Thursday 3/24 @ 6pm

  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS WEEK 5 - 3/25 4:30 pm until (CFHP throws party)

Friday April 1st TOWN HALL MEETING - entire community, 6pm (location TBD) - no pm classes

Saturday April 2nd GEORGIA OPEN POWERLIFTING MEET - gym is closed, no classes

Please support our 2016 Friday Night Light Sponsors!

Low Country Pawn:

The Mary Smith Realty Group:

Thomas and Hutton:

United Community Bank:

Stay Limitless,

CFHP Coaches

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