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Community Updates: March 7, 2016

Hey Team,


Up this week….BLUE STEEL with a little South of the Border themed party!

Thank you to all our volunteers and judges that generously gave their time on Friday night. Without you FNL would not be possible.

Here is the link again to the lifestyle scorecard - make sure you are earning every possible point for your team!

Remember you can also earn bonus points for your team this week by volunteering for a shift at FNL. Please sign up for a shift on the clipboard at the whiteboard.

THIS WEEK we are turning our attention a bit more locally by collecting NEW WHITE women’s or children’s SOCKS for the Junior League of Savannah Solely Sock Drive. The team that fills up their box with the most socks wins an extra 50 bonus points. Here’s a little more about the initiative...

Did you know that 1 in 4 people in Savannah live below the poverty line? This includes 2,000 homeless women and children but does not include 800 plus children that are enrolled in the public school system who do not meet the guidelines to be considering homeless. Many homeless individuals get treated for a wide range of ailments from trench foot to frostbite. Giving socks is a simple way to ensure that these women and children have warm dry feet at night which is a start to prevention of health care issues.

Socks are one of the most needed yet least donated items at shelters. Over the next 8 weeks the Junior League of Savannah will be collecting new white socks for women and children at various location throughout the community. Boxes will be set up at local businesses, school, and churches for collection until April 15th. Please contact me if you want to learn more about the donation box location or how you can contribute to the cause. Thank you for the support in advance!”


Through out the Open you’ll see a similar pattern of WODs:

  • Go hard on MON, TUES, WED.

  • Partner Active Recovery on THURS.

  • Movement Prep then Open Workout on FRIDAY.

  • Fun active recovery SAT.

Continue to push the intensity early in the week. Remember our friends at Cryotherapy and Aequillibrium Massage would love to help outside the gym. Continue to eat clean and balanced during the week. How you eat Wednesday and Thursday will have a major impact on Friday night. Make sure you are hydrating as well starting early in the day. If you start drinking a couple hours before FNL, that is TOO LATE.


  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS WEEK 3 - 3/11 4:30 pm until (Blue team throws party)

  • HEADSTART #3 - Saturday 3/12 @ noon

  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS WEEK 4 - 3/18 4:30 pm until (Purple team throws party)

  • MOBILITY SKILL CLINIC - Saturday 3/19 @ 10 am

  • HEADSTART #4 - Saturday 3/19 @ noon

  • MOBILITY SKILL CLINIC - Thursday 3/24 @ 6pm

  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS WEEK 5 - 3/25 4:30 pm until (CFHP throws party)

Friday April 1st TOWN HALL MEETING - entire community, 6pm (location TBD) - no pm classes

Saturday April 2nd GEORGIA OPEN POWERLIFTING MEET - gym is closed, no classes

Please support our 2016 Friday Night Light Sponsors!

Low Country Pawn:

The Mary Smith Realty Group:

Thomas and Hutton:

United Community Bank:


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