Community Updates: March 14, 2016

Hey CFHP crew,

St. Patrick’s Day Schedule - There will be one class at 4:30pm on Thursday. Please note - alcohol and intensity do not mix. You may not workout on Thursday if you have been drinking or Friday if we suspect you are hungover. Please properly fuel and water yourself.


Purple Lightning Posse is rocking the party this week! Make sure to be there for the 5:30 Spotlight heat - Masters!

We continue to need volunteers and judges, please see the sign up sheets at the whiteboard and on the coach’s office door. You’ll also earn bonus points for your team.

Thank you to everyone who has made the last 3 weeks such a success. You guys are all amazing.

The donation box for Solely Socks will stay out for a few more weeks as the Jr. League is collecting through out all of Savannah. (I’m pretty sure CFHP will be a major donor!) If you didn’t get to participate, but would like to we welcome donations of new women’s and children’s white socks.

Here is the link again to the lifestyle scorecard - make sure you are earning every possible point for your team!


Through out the Open you’ll see a similar pattern of WODs:

  • Go hard on MON, TUES, WED.

  • Partner Active Recovery on THURS.

  • Movement Prep then Open Workout on FRIDAY.

  • Fun active recovery SAT.

Continue to push the intensity early in the week. Remember our friends at Cryotherapy and Aequillibrium Massage would love to help outside the gym. Continue to eat clean and balanced during the week. How you eat Wednesday and Thursday will have a major impact on Friday night. Make sure you are hydrating as well starting early in the day. If you start drinking a couple hours before FNL, that is TOO LATE.


  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS WEEK 4 - 3/18 4:30 pm until (Purple team throws party)

  • MOBILITY SKILL CLINIC - Saturday 3/19 @ 10 am

  • MOBILITY SKILL CLINIC - Thursday 3/24 @ 6pm

  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS WEEK 5 - 3/25 4:30 pm until (CFHP throws party)

Friday April 1st TOWN HALL MEETING - entire community, 6pm (location TBD) - no pm classes

Saturday April 2nd GEORGIA OPEN POWERLIFTING MEET - gym is closed, no classes

Please support our 2016 Friday Night Light Sponsors!

Low Country Pawn:

The Mary Smith Realty Group:

Thomas and Hutton:

United Community Bank:


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