Community Updates: March 23, 2016

Happy final week of the 2016 CrossFit open! Many of you have done things you never thought were possible. Many of you made new friends. And many of you simply enjoyed the time spent cheering each other on. A few of you realized weak areas to work on for next year. Regardless of how your experience has been so far, we encourage each and everyone of you to participate in our final Friday Night Lights event this Friday.

At 5:30 we will spotlight our fire breathers - the top 6 individuals in the gym, in one intense heat.

Immediately following the firebreathers heat is the coaches heat. Come cheer for your coaching team!

This week we are collecting donations to benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society. There will be 4 envelopes (one for each team) at the white board.

Make sure to keep up type lifestyle challenges -water, fish oil, the amrap, and sleep to earn points for your team. The teams are close and every point counts.

Programming Preview

As the Open season winds down, we've got two amazing weeks headed your way. Next week is all about the fun - Team Week. All the workouts will be either partner or team based. Join us for the capstone of the week - family field day at Daffinn park at 10 am (the gym will be closed for the powerlifting meet).

The following week is one of the most important weeks in our training. As a gym we will spend a week getting back to basics in our virtuosity phase. Workouts are still constantly varied and intense, but the focus is on retraining proper movement mechanics and range of motion. During the competition season it's normal to focus on intensity to the point where mechanics start break down. This week helps us to lay strong foundation to begin building from. Because every day will be something you don't want to miss, all our current members will have an unlimited membership that week. And remember if there is a movement you struggle with make sure to get with your primary coach for help. Let's finish this week up strong guys!!

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