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Community Updates: April 11, 2016

Hey CFHP Gang,

* Please note the change to the schedule this Saturday April 16th. There is one class at 8am followed by Spring Clean Up Day*


For the next couple months we are building a strength foundation. Look for more barbell movements in the MODs followed by classic quick met-cons and intervals. You’ll also see many benchmarks over the next few weeks.

Have you met with your primary coach for a 1 on 1 recently? If it’s been more than 3 months, then let’s reconnect. This is a great time to deconstruct the Opens and set some strategy in place for the next couple of months.

Part of training is knowing your numbers. The new Zen Planner member app is available to download from the app store / play store and is a super easy way to add your score to the gym leaderboard. You can also do it right from the check-in screen at the computer at the gym. Either way, we’re asking 100% of our athletes to log their scores when they do a workout. This will allow your coach to follow along a bit closer, give you better training advise, as well keep you accountable.

Weights will get a bit heavier this week and for most of you it’s been a while since you’ve done a 5 rep max. It will be normal for it to "feel” heavier or even for you to not quite hit the same numbers as before. Don’t sweat it if you don’t hit the same as your last 5 RM. You’ll see those number surpass what you had over the next month or two.

Final training advice for this week. These heavy lifts will challenge your neurological system in addition to the soft tissues (muscle, ligaments, tendons). Quality deep sleep is super important for your body’s repair process. Have a bedtime routine, turn the devices off well before you intend to go to bed, and sleep in a cool dark room. We also love Nighttime Recovery supplement to help with getting to the deeper sleep stages where repair happens. Additionally, taking a high quality fish oil or omega-3 supplement will help nerve myelination. These two together are super powerful in making sure you are ready for another training day.


Spring Cleaning is happening this Saturday, April 16th! This is where we come together as a community and knock out multiple gym-improvement projects. If you have a particular skill set or equipment you don’t mind sharing contact Drew. There will be one WOD at 8am that day. Lunch provided for volunteers.

Recently we’ve made some changes to the guest and visitor policies. These were necessary in order to continue delivering a quality class to our current athletes.

  • Guests Policy Guests are now only allowed on designated Bring A Friend Days. If you have a friend or family member visiting from out of town that currently does crossfit they may attend as your guest for free, but must abide by the visitor policy below.

  • Visitor Policy (for out of town cross fitters). We welcome traveling Crossfitters to the 7:30am, 4:30pm, and 7pm classes only and Saturday 11am class. Visitors should contact CFHP one week in advance. Visitors need to have a letter from their coach or affiliate owner that validates their membership, length of time practicing crossfit, and any other injuries or limitations that our coaches should know. The email should be sent to Upon receipt of the email from their coach visitors will be sent a link to register and pre-pay for the class. We do not have open gym for visitors.

We have 2 Bring a Friend Days this month. One for The Squad Savannah Boot Camp on Thursday April 14th and the other for Crossfit on Friday April 29th. The best compliment you can give us is to refer a friend! This is a chance for them to see what these programs are like, meet the coaches and community, and get a great workout in. If you know someone who is interested, send them to the Facebook event pages for the most up to date information.


Thurs 4/14 6pm - Squad Savannah Bring A Friend Day @ Calvary Batting Cages

Sat 4/16 9am - until - Spring Cleaning Day

Mon 4/18 6pm - Ambassador Council Roundtable



Fri 4/29 All Classes - Bring A Friend Day

Sat 4/30 11am - Squad Savannah Graduation (no 11am class)

Sat 5/14 10:30 - Squad Savannah Opening Day (no 11am class)

Mon 5/25 time TBD - Memorial Day Murph

Stay Limitless!

CFHP Coaches

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