Community Updates: April 3, 2016

Hey guys,

Some Cool stuff….

1 - The 2016 Gym Survey is up! Please take about 2 minutes to provide some feedback. Your opinion matters and helps us improve.

2 - Check out this Month’s Update Video:

3 - Coach Krista will be competing this weekend in the USAW National Weightlifting Championship!


We’re in our strength foundation phase of programming. You’ll continue to see barbell lifts through out the week. Make sure you are tracking your numbers so that you can continue to make progress.

We’re also in a “Murph prep” phase. At least once a week combining movements or similar movements for our all gym event on Memorial Day. Make sure to attend these days if you are planning on joining us for this awesome event.

You’ll also notice some benchmark workouts thrown into the mix. Again, make sure you are logging your results so that you can beat it next time. The ZenPlanner app is especially handy and available from the app store.

The weather is getting warmer. Remember to hydrate before, during, and after your workout. Hydration should begin HOURS before (right before the workout is not sufficient). Afterwards make sure that you are replenishing both water and electrolytes. Continue to hydrate through out the day. Keep alcohol intake to a minimum and ABSOLUTELY no working out if you remotely could be hungover. All coaches have the right to deny access to class if they have any suspicion of this.


TOWN HALL MEETING Friday May 13th 7pm at the gym. Look for an email survey in your inboxes in the next week or so. We want to hear all your feedback, good and bad, so that we can continue doing what’s working and improve on what needs to be better. At the town hall meeting you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, again voice concerns, and hear about the exciting changes down the pipe!

Recently, we’ve made some changes to the guest and visitor policies. These were necessary in order to continue delivering a quality class to our current athletes.

  • Guests Policy Guests are now only allowed on designated Bring A Friend Days. If you have a friend or family member visiting from out of town that currently does crossfit they may attend as your guest for free, but must abide by t