Community Updates: May, 11, 2016

Hey guys,

Please note there is no 7pm class this Friday or 11am this Saturday.

It’s getting hotter! Please make sure you bring a water bottle with you to class to fill up at the gym. We’re happy to provide cups in case you forget, but let’s be kind to Mama Earth. Please remember to take your water bottle with you when you leave.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to fill out our gym survey. Our success and growth ultimately come down to our people. It’s means a lot that you care enough to provide some feedback. There are lots of great comments and suggestions - many of which we’ll be able to act on in the near future, some of which we won’t for logistical reasons, but we appreciate all of it. (Sorry guys, the air dynes are not going away :) If you haven’t filled it out yet and would like to here is the link: (link will close on May 11th)

Please consider coming Friday night to the Town Hall Meeting at 7pm. We want to hear from you and this open forum format is conducive to lots of great ideas and feedback. Not to mention just hanging out with cool peeps….

Squat Savannah starts THIS Saturday May 14th. If you know someone wanting to get started on their fitness journey (or maybe just not getting to where they want to be) this is the perfect combination of fitness, nutrition, and accountability to get them on the right track. We only take registration over the phone so they need to call the gym before Friday.


Next week we will testing 1 RM lifts throughout the week. THIS week we are preparing by deloading from the heavier weight and working on mechanics.

We’re also in a “Murph prep” phase. At least once a week combining movements or similar movements for our all gym event on Memorial Day. Make sure to attend these days if you are planning on joining us for this awesome event.

We’ve received lots of comments and questions recently about knowing when the Murph Prep and benchmark days are in advance. We love that so many of you want to make a point to be here on those days. In response to that question - we PURPOSEFULLY do not post a week’s worth of workouts online because our goal is General Physical Preparedness. Picking the days that you come to the gym based on the workouts does not lend itself towards attaining that goal. You can expect to see the benchmarks and Murph Prep sessions scattered on different days each week so that we can expose as many athletes as possible to them. However, your coach knows the workout in advance and is happy to have a personalized conversation with you to guide you on the best days to come. It may be in your best interest, based on your goals, to come on different days. That is what your coach is for.


TOWN HALL MEETING Friday May 13th 7pm at the gym. Look for an email survey in your inboxes in the next week or so. We want to hear all your feedback, good and bad, so that we can continue doing what’s working and improve on what needs to be better. At the town hall meeting you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, again voice concerns, and hear about the exciting changes down the pipe!

SQUAD SAVANNAH OPENING DAY is Saturday May 14th. Please help us spread the word. There is no other community or support structure that gets folks started in fitness as good as this. The nutritional and lifestyle strategies that are included deliver positive results. The cost is $299 for 8 weeks, and includes 3 workouts a week. $99 deposit required

BEACH DAY - is JUNE 4th. We’ll WOD in the surf and then hang out. Save the date! Friends are welcome on this day.


Fri 5/13 - 7pm town Hall Meeting (no 7pm class)

Sat 5/14 10:30 - Squad Savannah - Beta Squad Opening Day (no 11am class)

Thurs 5/19 6pm - Row Skill Clinic

Sat 5/21 10 am - Row Skill Clinic

Mon 5/30 time TBD - Memorial Day Murph

Sat 6/4 10 am - Beach Wod

Sat 6/18 AM- noon BBQ for Boobs - more details coming!

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