Community Updates: May 23, 2016

Hey gang, Congratulations to all our athletes that hit a PR last week! There is no more room on the whiteboard so y’all better cool it, okay?

Speaking of PRs, when is the last time you PR’d at life? What happens in the gym is a metaphor for life. Here, you when attempt a new weight you either get it and or you don’t. But either way you learn and grow from the experience. Why not keep that momentum up and PR at something outside the gym? Eating healthy, speaking up for someone else, asking for a raise, insert whatever scares you right here. Go for that new weight. It won’t be perfect. But you will learn and grow.

Next Monday - Memorial Day Murph!

There is ONE CLASS at 9am. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate earlier times. Please plan accordingly.

Please also note that it will be hot, even at 9am, and that this is a high volume workout. If the coaches have any suspicion that you are hungover or not properly hydrated we reserve the right to ask you to scale back or not participate for your own good.

We do have a surprise opportunity for everyone that comes on Monday. You don’t want to miss it.


This week is a de-load week from the heavy max lifts. Look for a couple fun partner workouts and few short intense ones before Murph next week.

If you decide to workout on Saturday make sure that you get in lots of rest on Sunday before Murph.

Everyone should be focused on staying well hydrated through out the weekend and making sure their fifth oil is dialed in!

MeeT Me at the Bar Seminar Friday June 25th, 6:45 - until

Olympic Lifting Seminar with Masters Champion Krista Owens

CFHP fam, we’re super excited to bring you an opportunity to fine tune your Oly Lifts with Coach Krista. We want to bring you her expertise in a format that is hands-on and high value. This is not a skill clinic, it’s a 2+ hour workshop and limited to the first 15 athletes that sign up. Registration will be open to CFHP athletes ONLY until June 11th, then any remaining spots will be open to the public. Cost is $50.

* Break down the Snatch / Clean & Jerk - KEEP IT SIMPLE - stop overthinking it!

* RULES of the barbell....and the exceptions to those rules

* Positioning for YOU


* Weightlifting for CrossFit vs. Weightlifting for Sport


Memorial Day Murph - before the grill is lit, come remember and honor all our heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. You can do Murph as an individual or with a partner. Scaling is always an option. We look forward to seeing our CFHP family all together for this amazing event at 9am. Please note there are no other classes that day.

Beach WOD - is JUNE 4th. 10am at North Beach by the light house. We’ll WOD in the surf and then hang out. Friends are welcome on this day. The only class at the gym that day is Squad Savannah.

BBQ for BOOBS - Join us this Father's Day weekend for a combination of things we love: crossfit, yoga, and BBQ. And boobs! All proceeds will benefit Barbells for Boobs, an organization that advocates for every person's right to know the status of their breast health by giving grants to women's health centers to provide free early detection tests.

Registration is $35 (deadline June 6) and includes:



- Yoga


- Raffle ticket (more available for purchase)

Interested in getting involved? Email Stephanie Kartalopoulos ( about ways to volunteer, or to discuss sponsorship opportunities or raffle prize donations.

Sign-up here:


Mon 5/25 9am - Memorial Day Murph

Sat 6/4 10 am - Beach Wod (no regular classes at the gym)

Sat 6/11 All Day Chicks and Chaps Competition @ CF High Tide - participate or go cheer!

Sat 6/18 10 AM- noon BBQ for Boobs

Thurs 6/16 7 pm - Handstand skill clinic with Jen

Friday 6/25 6:45 pm Meet me at the Bar Oly Seminar with Krista (registration required)

Stay Limitless!

CFHP Coaches

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