Memorial Day "Murph"

Memorial Day is right around the weekend's corner. It is quite a bitter sweet day. We humble ourselves in remembrance of unfathomable sacrifices made throughout our nations history. We reflect on sacrifices made long ago, far away and sacrifices made next door, made yesterday. Our freedom, our rights, and our families are safe because of individuals that were full of unfading bravery and love. At CrossFit Hyperformance, we honor these individuals by coming together as a community and sweating side-by-side. We've been getting a lot of questions and comments regarding the Memorial Day workout, "Murph". Most of the questions are focused around how to complete the workout. While there is still some time to absorb and contemplate, please take note of a few things. If you have been working out for less than 6 months with us at CFHP, it is not in your best interest to complete the workout solo in its entirety. If you have been an athlete with us for longer than 6 months, but have never done "Murph" before, it still may not be in your best interest to be introduced to this workout for the first time in its entirety. "Murph" is two miles of running with 600 repetitions in between. 600 repetitions. That is a LOT of volume for your ligaments, tendons and central nervous system. Be prepared and open to the idea that you may be completing the workout with a partner or team at the discretion of the coaches on the floor. In fact, this will be mandatory for many individuals doing "Murph" for the first time. Many of our athletes that have been with us for more than 6 months will complete the repetitions as rounds of Cindy (5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats for 20 rounds) to minimize muscular endurance fatigue. If this year marks your first time doing "Murph" and you have discussed doing the whole workout with a coach, it may not be in your best interest to wear a weight vest this year. If you do not have at least 3 consecutive strict pull ups, it is not in your best interest to complete 100 kipping pull ups. The gravitational force on your shoulders is multiplied when you descend from the top of the kipping pull up. Without proper strength previously built up in that joint capsule, you risk injuries that are completely avoidable. Be prepared to do jumping pull ups or feet on the ground assisted pull ups. We have been purposefully preparing the CFHP community for the increased volume of running, pull ups and pushups with "Murph" prep days each week for the past several weeks. If you have been scaling the runs, be it with a rower, assault bike, or shorter distances, be prepared to scale similarly on Memorial Day. Going from 0 to 60 in regards to a 2 mile run, your shins, calves, feet and back will all be very angry in the following week(s). A handful of people will be rowing that day. Ultimately, if you have any questions or concerns regarding Memorial Day "Murph" or are unsure of what you'll be doing, please contact your Primary Coach before this upcoming Monday. The more you are prepared mentally and physically for this tough Hero WOD in advance, the better. All of that being said, Memorial Day "Murph" is about much more than what you do to complete the workout. By sweating together, we honor individuals who have given their lives so that we may be free. It matters less what you do and more HOW you complete the workout. Bring your whole heart and soul. Honor the men and women who have given everything with intentional repetitions and intentional observation through acknowledgement of the people around you. Honor them with your movement, make every repetition mean something. Honor them by showing up. We GET to be together at the gym and workout daily. We GET to make that choice. We GET to be by each other's side through it all. On Monday, be there with us. We want you there. We want you by our side in remembrance and hardship. Be the voice that brings the person next to you home from the last leg of the workout. When you find yourself fixating on the what of "Murph", remember the how and why. Remember Lt Michael P Murphy. Remember US Army Ranger and Savannah Fire Battalion Chief Todd Heil. Remember Sgt 1st Class Lance H Vogeler. Remember Staff Sgt Edwardo Loredo. Remember Sgt. Martin Anthony Lugo Jr. Remember Staff Sgt Jeremy Katzenberger.

Remember all of our heroes.

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