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Community Updates: June 27th, 2016

June 27th 2016

COMMUNITY Thank you to everything that supported our BBQ for Boobs event a couple weeks ago. We’ll be able to donate over $1,000 to this great cause. And thank you again Stephanie K for your vision and organizational skills. We will miss you! This week, we are kicking off FIRST SATURDAYS - AKA Friend WODs! You guys have been asking how to introduce your friends to our gym. While our answer is always - by giving them our full attention with a 1-on-1 intro - we also want to give you an opportunity to throw down with them side by side.

So, this Saturday is the FIRST First Saturday Friend WOD! Check out the Facebook event page and use it to invite your friends. Please note this is for the 9am class only. If you want to work out on Saturday but prefer the smaller class size, we’d love to have you at 11am.

Bonus - YES! Your friends that come to the 9am class can stay for the 10am Food as Fuel Skill Clinic. In fact, it’s recommended if you really want to blow them away.

Please note that NEXT Saturday is Graduation Day for The Squad Savannah and there will be no 11am class. (That's Saturday, July 9th.)


This summer, we are getting stronger (and leaner and just more badass overall). The MODS this week follow a format called wave loading. This week is important in the progression of ramping up the weight. In the first wave we’ll challenge your position. Then the 2nd wave will challenge you to go heavier and deeper. It will be the first you’ve gone over 90% since 1 RM test week. It’s also an opportunity to lift heavy for reps and see where you are. Wear your lifting shoes, belt up and go!

Next week is a deload week before we retest max lifts again and then repeat the cycle. This is such a great opportunity to continue to build strength, strength that carries over into the ability to increase intensity in the metcons. You'll benefit from all the favorable adaptations that intensity brings. Remember that heavy days have a large neurological training component. You may not feel spent the way you feel after Fran, but the hormonal response is definitely there. Make sure you continue to stay hydrated, fuel your wod, and come early to mobilize and move around.

Speaking of fueling your WOD….join us Thursday at 6pm or Saturday at 10am for another Food As Fuel Skill Clinic. If you’ve been to one before it’s a great opportunity to learn something new or simply get motivated again to eat properly. Skill Clinics are included in your membership! Remember, this week your friends that come to First Saturday can stay for the clinic afterward - free!


Thurs 6/30 6pm - Food As Fuel Clinic

Sat 7/2 10am - Food As Fuel Clinic

Mon July 4th - 1 class at 9am

Sat 7/9 NO 11am CLASS - Squad Savannah Graduation Day

Sat 7/23 NO 11am CLASS - Squad Savannah Opening Day

August - CFHP Olympic Games (stay tuned for more info...)

Stay Limitless!

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