Community Updates July 11, 2016

July 11th, 2016


Congrats to Jacy, Heidi, and Freddy on attending the Level 1 Crossfit Trainer certification this weekend in Atlanta!

The summer is packed with athletic inspiration. The 2016 Crossfit Games start in just a few days (July 19th - 24th) and then the Olympics in August. We’ve got some awesome ways for you to get involved.

Save the date - Saturday/Sunday July 23/July 24 (time to be determined) for a Games Viewing Party. Watching is great, but watching with fans is even better. Stay tuned for more details.

Rise of the South and Gobble Games are also around the corner this fall. Rise of the South at CF Statesboro is one of the best run individual and team competitions and Gobble Games at Hyperformance Athletics will of course put the stamp on the best Team Comp in Southeast this year. Save the dates (September 10th-11th) for Rise and start getting your team together. Yes, there will be a cheering section too :) Check out details here.


It's pretty clear there's a physical side to CrossFit. What about your mind? Some confidence benefits occur as a byproduct of your hard work and achievements but did you know you can train your mind and hone in on mental skills such as focus, visualization, motivation and self-talk?

Don't worry, we'll delve into the deep together!

This week’s skill clinic is going to be AMAZING. Caleigh brings the noise with a Mental Strategy skill clinic. It’s more than you think….Save your spot here.

This week we hit some heavy singles on the bench, back squat, and shoulder press. We’ll continue to focus on strengthening these movements over the next 5 weeks. This sets the foundation for many other movements the entire year so really dig in over the course of the next couple of weeks when you have on opportunity to lift heavy.

Go heavy on the MODs this week, but scale as necessary the weight and or reps for the pressing movements (push-ups, push press, dips, etc.) in the workout. It’s a pressing heavy week. Your coaches know what workouts are coming around the bend so make sure to discuss your scaling options with them before class.

Check out the 2 new appliances in the gym. The new water machine is colder, cleaner, and the water is full of electrolytes. Make sure to bring your water bottle and fill up again on your way out the door. In the back corner there is now a full sized fridge/freezer complete with ice maker. You’ll find ziplock bags on top if you need to ice joints, muscles, etc. Feel free to use this.


Thursday 7/14 6pm - Mental Strategy Skill Clinic

Saturday 7/16 10am - Mental Strategy Skill Clinic

Sat 7/23 NO 11am CLASS - Squad Savannah Opening Day

August - CFHP Olympic Games (stay tuned for more info)

Stay Limitless,

Hyperformance Athletics Team

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