Community Updates 7-25

July 25th, 2016

July and August are packed!

PSsst....You asked for more space to store your gym bags and you've got it! Feel free to set your bag on the shelf just around the corner, we cleared it off just for you. Please use this instead of the floor.

Hyperformance KIDS is starting again this fall for 1st grade and up. Classes start Saturday August 6th. Then Kids will meet twice a week on Wednesdays at 4pm and Saturdays at 10:15 am. Cost is $100 for 10 classes or included in the family membership.


We are Hyper-Olympic-ing! Check out all the details in this Video. Save the date for Saturday Aug 6th for the Opening Ceremonies (aka torch relay and kickball tournament), Saturday Aug 13th for a Swimenar, and Friday Aug 19th for a FNL-like strength event. With awesome events through out 2 weeks. More details will be announced in a bit!

Rise of the South and Gobble Games are also around the corner this fall. Rise of the South at CF Boro is one of the best run individual and team competitions and Gobble Games at Hyperformance Athletics will of course put the stamp on the best Team Comp in Southeast this year. Save the dates (September 10th-11th) for Rise and start getting your team together. Yes, there will be a cheering section too :) Check out details here.


This week's workouts- Summer training is in full swing. We are going to do some drop-set work with week with fairly high reps in the MODs. We have 3 rowing workouts this week (2 for calories and 1 for distance) that will help us get ready for "Jackie" next week. "Frenemies 2.0" will be on Thursday and is one of the hardest/most fun workouts. Please remember, the shorter the workout, the higher the designated intensity needs to be. Stay tight, work hard, and have fun.

You Don't Know Squat Skill Clinic with Drew -

This clinic will include single leg and arm varieties of movements to strengthen and related to your squat. We will cover lots of ipsilateral and contralateral variations. Think Zercher Squat, Bulgarian Split Squat...and so much more.

You can strategize the workout???? Get your brain in the game. Caleigh tells you how.

Have you seen all The Hyperform videos on our Youtube Channel? ( From technique to drills to mobility there is tons of advice from your favorite Hyperformance Coaches. You'll also find lots of at home movements to make the most your final summer vacation. Make sure to subscribe.


Thurs 7/28 6pm and Sat 7/30 10am - Skill Clinic with Drew - You Don't Know Squat

Thurs 8/4 6pm and Sat 8/6 10am - Skill Clinic with Leigh - GHDs

Saturday 8/6 - 1st Crossfit Kids Fall Class 10am.

Sat 8/6 - 9am First Saturday Friend Fest - Bring A Friend to Workout with you (9am only).

Sat 8/6 - 5pm HPA Olympic Games Torch Ceremony Kickball Kickoff

Sat 8/13 - Swimenar - time TBA

Friday 8/19 - Feats of Strength Closing Ceremonies Strength Event (FNL-style)

Monday 9/5 - 9am ONE and ONLY Labor Day WOD

Sat 9/10 No 11am Class - Squad Savannah Graduation Day

Sat 9/24 - Running Seminar with Sandra Elliott 10am

Stay Limitless!

HPA Staff

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