Community Updates August 1st

Welcome to August Folks! Sweat angels are a sign of a great workout - but please remember to wipe them off the floor!


First Saturday Bring A Friend Day is THIS Saturday at 9am (Immediately followed by a GHD skill clinic AND the kickball kick off later that night). Bringing a friend to try Hyperformance is the best compliment you can pay us. Click here to go to our facebook event page. You can use this page to share all the info with your friends.

KO Brawlers Tee - Please help support Coach Krista on her way to the GRID! Get your Classic KO / DC Brawlers Tee here. The proceeds go to helping with expenses for getting out to Utah!

Wanna know more about the GRID? Here’s a quick video that offers a peek into what the GRID is all about. Don't worry we'll organize a local cheering section.

Check out this month’s update video with Avery and Heather!


This week is a deload week from the heavy lifting and we also dip our toe into a little more gymnastic work. You guys have been killing this strength cycle. Next week we will move into the final wave of strength programming for the summer. After that we’ll be transitioning to more of a gymnastics focus in the fall.

Take the volume ladder work (EMOMs) as an opportunity to really grow your skills. Remember the point of an EMOM is to accumulate great practice reps of a movement that is challenging. Reduce the number of reps per minute when form starts to break. This article from the Crossfit Journal explains why the EMOM programming is such a powerful way to attack your goats (aka weaknesses). (Subscription required, but worth it)

BONUS! Listen in as Freddy and Whitney talk about supplements and how particular things we carry in the gym can help stay in peak performance. Check out the video here:

PSsst....You asked for more space to store your gym bags and you've got it! Feel free to set your bag on the shelf just around the corner, we cleared it off just for you. Please use this instead of the floor.

Hyperformance KIDS is starting again this fall for 1st grade and up. Classes start Saturday August 6th. Then Kids will meet twice a week on Wednesdays at 4pm and Saturdays at 10:15 am. Cost is $100 for 10 classes or included in the family membership.


Thurs 8/4 6pm and Sat 8/6 10am - Skill Clinic with Leigh - GHDs

Saturday 8/6 - 1st Crossfit Kids Fall Class 10am.

Sat 8/6 - 9am First Saturday Friend Fest - Bring A Friend to Workout with you (9am only).

Sat 8/6 - 5pm HPA Olympic Games Torch Ceremony Kickball Kickoff

Sat 8/13 - Swimenar - time TBA

Friday 8/19 - Feats of Strength Closing Ceremonies Strength Event (FNL-style)

Monday 9/5 - 9am ONE and ONLY Labor Day WOD

Sat 9/10 No 11am Class - Squad Savannah Graduation Day

Sat 9/24 - Running Seminar with Sandra Elliott 10am

Stay Limitless!

HPA Coaches

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