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Community Updates August 8th, 2016

August 8th, 2016

No 11am Class Saturday Due to the Swiminar. (Final time to be announced)


The Hyper-Olympics kicked-off (pun intended) Saturday with a ton of fun in Hull park. If your team was not present, make sure to contact Caleigh to get your country. Pictures are up on facebook here and a list of events can be found at the front of the gym.

In case you missed Saturday, here’s a quick recap of the rules

  • Each team of 4 should have 2 men/2 women

  • The events must be done in class. The only exceptions are the kickball game, swiminar, and feats of strength event.

  • Each day the team can submit two scores (any gender).

  • Each week an individual can only submit 3 scores.

First Saturday Friend Fest was awesome on Saturday. THANK YOU to athletes who came with a friend. We hope they had a blast, learned something new, and had a little bit of inspiration and positive energy going into the weekend. The September Friend Fest will be held Saturday September 3rd.


THIS WEEK - It’s back to the barbell work - you’ll see lots of 5-4-3-2-1 rep schemes and working up to heavy weights. You should see some progress since June if you’ve been keeping up with the programming. These are gonna be a fun few weeks.

In the workouts you’ll see a repeat Open workout and a variation of a 2016 open workout. All week you’ve got opportunities to really push the threshold of your relative intensity. Set your mind right from the start and get ready to get to that uncomfortable place a few times this week. That’s where all the magic happens. Look forward to a fun partner workout on Thursday.

Food is Fuel blog - check some new additions to the Hyperformance Food As Fuel (!fuel-your-wod/c11y9) webpage including more breakfast ideas as well as Fire Roasted Bacon Meatloaf.

Supplement Support - Freddy and Whitney talk about supplements and how particular things we carry in the gym can help stay in peak performance. Check out the video here:

Personal Training - Your coach is available to really help you dig in, stay accountable, and reach new highs. Have you considered a hybrid membership? The new hybrid memberships combine personal training at regular scheduled intervals with group classes to pack a powerful punch. Remember all athletes have their second semi-annual personal training session to use in the second half of the year. Don’t wait to meet up with your coach.

Hyperformance KIDS - for kids 6-12 is happening every Wednesday at 4pm and Saturdays at 10:15. Classes are $100 for a pack of 10 or included in the family membership.


Sat 8/13 - Swiminar - time TBA

Friday 8/19 - Feats of Strength Closing Ceremonies Strength Event (FNL-style)

Saturday 9/3 - First Saturday Friend Fest, 9am only

Monday 9/5 - 9am ONE and ONLY Labor Day WOD

Saturday 9/17 - Squad Savannah Bring a Friend Day, 10am

Sat 9/17 No 11am Class - Squad Savannah Graduation Day

Sat 9/24 - Running Seminar with Sandra Elliott 10am

Keep up the great work Hyperformance Athletes!

HPA Coaches

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