You don't know Squat Recap

Why should you come to a squat clinic, or ANY skill clinic for that matter? The goal of these breakout sessions is to "Reset your default". We all get WOD crazy sometimes and let form get a little sloppy. These skill sessions are a way to dial back in the technique so that your Default movement is PERFECT. I heard from a great coach (Raph Ruiz) one time that, "athletes (humans) never rise to the occasion, but they fall back to their LOWEST level of training." Make your lowest level perfect, or as close as possible, and great things will happen.

Here are the main points from our squat session:

YOU MUST develop a good squat. Squatting is the foundation of functional movement.

  1. Stance- feet right outside of the hips with the toes facing forward. Activate the legs (give them something to do) by pressing the 4 corners of the feet down and out through the floor.

  2. Bracing- ALL parts of the spine need to be engaged. Head neutral keeps the cervical spine in place, ribcage down and shoulder blades pulled back keeps the thoracic spine in place, and belly-button into the spine and butt squeezed keeps the lumbar/sacrum in place. This bracing technique is vital in keeping an upright torso throughout the squat.

  3. Squatting is a full leg movement. Each part of the movement (down and up) engages the ENTIRE leg.

  4. The more the body moves on purpose and in structural alignment, the less force “leaks” out when performing the movement.

  5. When performing heavy squats, you MUST get set before even taking the bar off the rack.

  6. DO something with your shoulders when the bar is on your back (don’t let it just sit there). Drive into it or pull it down slightly.

We went over several squats that challenged position in a new way: KB between the legs and the landmine were great examples. These forced an upright torso so that athletes could feel what great position is.

Every squat is an opportunity to improve. Reset your default. Stay Tight. Spread the floor.

Keep Squatting!

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