Community Updates August 15th, 2016

August 15th, 2016

The Hyper Olympics is in full swing! Up this week - Skiing, pong, dance-off, wheelbarrow walk, and Friday Night Lights - Feats of Strength. Please note there will be no 4:30, 5:45, or 7:00 pm class this Friday night. Registration for the Feats of Strength will be up in the gym soon. All athletes are encouraged to come and support.


Many athletes are asking about how friends and family get started. As many of you know, we’ve learned over the years that throwing someone new into class isn’t in their best interest or ours (even when they say that’s what they want).

Our approach is to set new athletes up for success before they jump into classes. Of course, classes are there to continue learning, growing, and refining as well as to have tons fun.

If you know someone that is interested in training with us, please guide them through the process. No two people are the same - so we customize our fundamentals program to get them up to speed for classes. All athletes start with personal training to establish their coach for life. The number of sessions depends on what they need. It could be 2, it could be 20.

Currently, the PM schedule is very full and new athletes may be put on a waiting list to get started. There are available appointment times at 6:ooam, mid-morning, and mid-afternoon.

We’ve received tons of great feedback on this process from new athletes. Yes, it is more expensive, but we’re seeing better prepared athletes. You know that your friends and family are good hands and that we’re not just out to get as many people into classes as we can. Thank you for understanding the process and helping to educate your friends and family that are interested!


This week there is lots of opportunity for more coaching. You’ll see a few good sprint workouts, but not as crushing intensity as last week. Keep an eye on technique through the workout entirety. You’ll see a Front Squat and Push Press MOD, but overall trying to taper a bit before Friday’s Feats Of Strength event.

Personal Training - Your coach is available to really help you dig in, stay accountable, and reach new highs. Have you considered a hybrid membership? The new hybrid memberships combine personal training at regular scheduled intervals with group classes to pack a powerful punch. Remember all athletes have their second semi-annual personal training session to use in the second half of the year. Don’t wait to meet up with your coach.

Hyperformance KIDS - for kids 6-12 is happening every Wednesday at 4pm and Saturdays at 10:15. Classes are $100 for a pack of 10 or included in the family membership.

New Hyperform Videos - if you missed Drew’s Squat clinic, check out a quick recap video on the main takeaways. There is something in it for everyone. (PS - This is a great video to share with friends and family if they are working out on their own…)



Friday 8/19 - Feats of Strength Closing Ceremonies Strength Event (FNL-style)

Thursday 8/25 and Saturday 8/27 - Unilateral Movement skill clinic with Coach Karen

Saturday 9/3 - First Saturday Friend Fest, 9am only

Monday 9/5 - 9am ONE and ONLY Labor Day WOD

Saturday 9/10 - Squad Savannah Bring a Friend Day, 10am

Sat 9/17 No 11am Class - Squad Savannah Graduation Day

Sat 9/24 - Running Seminar with Sandra Elliott 10am

Sat 9/24 - Opening Day Squad Savannah!

Keep up the great work Hyperformance Athletes!

HPA Coaches

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