Community Updates September 19th

September 19, 2016

Good Day Hyperformance Athletes!

Please remember that there is no 9am class this Saturday as our last Squad of 2016 will be beginning their journey!

There are so many events happening in the next few weeks - competitions, challenges, seminars, and community events. For a quick calendar view, check out the updates events page on our website


The Squad Savannah - Delta Squad - begins it’s 8 week journey this Saturday at 8am.

There are still a few spots left. Over the course of 8 weeks new athletes will grow in stamina, endurance, movement knowledge, nutrition strategies, and confidence in the movements used in our group classes. For more information check out our webpage (insert link). Registration is over the phone only, by calling the gym - 912-335-3615.

Athlete Appreciation Day - is September 30th. Come celebrate 8 years of helping people create positive forward momentum. Instead of evening classes we will host our final hero workout in a FNL-style event followed by a Hyperformance nation party. Families are welcome for the party, but athletes must be responsible for their children, especially while the workout is happening.

First Saturday Friend Day is TURNING PINK next Saturday October 1st at Daffin Park. Join us for the start of Breast Cancer awareness month with a workout. Come workout for a cause and in support of friends and family fighting this battle!

Speaking of KIDS - As our gym family grows, we’d like to take a second to remind our families that if you choose to bring a child with you to class you are responsible for their safety and care. Please do not expect coaches or fellow athletes stop doing what they are here to do. We need to lay some ground rules for parents to follow:

  • Babies and toddlers - need to be contained (stroller, play pen, gate) and out of the way of class during class times. Even outside of class times please be aware that personal training may still be happening.

  • Pre-school aged kids - if they need to be in parent eye-sight, please allow them to sit in a chair. They must be out of the way. Walking around during class is dangerous as they are unaware. Please ask a coach for permission before allowing kids on any equipment. Parents often do not know that we’ve told another child no, or that equipment or space has an intended purpose.

  • Elementary-aged kids - Need to be in the office if it is after 4:30pm. We’ve opened up the office because in the afternoon it is the safest place for them to be. In order to allow this to continue, we need to add a few more rules

  • This is a place that we work. Kids should not use paper, pens, markers, etc. out of the office supplies.

  • No food of any kind. Any beverages should be in a closed container.

  • Kids are old enough to clean up after themselves, this is our expectation.

  • Please understand that while our athletes are only here for about an hour, children of the staff may be here for much longer. Thus we reserve the right to take care of staff kids differently than above, if needed.

  • The outdoor spaces are not ideal for kids. They are too out of sight. They tend to pick up items our landlord leaves behind (even though we’ve asked him not too), rocks, etc. Additionally, we cannot control the people who walk up and down 70th street and you may not want many of them interacting with your children.

  • A parent must always be present when your children are on our property.

Coach’s Throwdown - come support (and bid for) Krista, Caleigh, Avery, and Freddy as they battle against coaches from neighboring affiliates. The event is being hosted by Crossfit Steadfast. Bidding for best box takes place between 3-4 pm, bidding for individual athletes before each heat. All the proceeds goes to Barbells for Boobs.


We start the week with a super fun partner WOD. Tuesday is all about that SPRINT baby. GO hard. Wednesday has a similar format we have seen in the past couple of weeks. Thursday has some good WORK to be done and then Hero WOD 4 on Friday.

Natural Running Seminar this Saturday! We’re so excited to bring in running expert, physical therapist, and owner of Game Changers Running Co. Ret. Major Sandra Elliott for a 2 hours hands on running seminar. Sandra will be teaching on efficiency and injury prevention. Cost is $25, RSVP required as spots are limited. Register here (

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