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October Fall Into Greatness Challenge

I know the name is a little misleading. No one "falls" into greatness. It's a climb to the top. It's tough. And it's all about putting one foot in front of an other, even when it feels like you're taking 2 steps forward and one step back.

But since it's almost October that means that halloween candy is on every coworkers desk and tailgates last about 2 days too long. The timing couldn't be better to make a few commitments to yourself, right now.

And here to help you keep those commitments - who better than athletes in the trenches with you every day?

Introducing the Fall Into Greatness Challenge!

What’s holding you back from looking and feeling your best? With the intensity at which we train, recovery must be maximized. Systemic (overall) inflammation caused by poor diet choices will hinder performance, make your abs go into hiding, and zap all of your energy. But worst of all, it will also cause those annoying little aches and pains to linger for too long and not heal as rapidly.

Our purpose is to continue to help you create positive forward momentum - and the base of that is fueling your body properly. This challenge address two major culprits in overall inflammation - too much sugar and alcohol. Your body doesn’t distinguish if it’s a weekday or weekend or if it’s football season or not. These substances affect you regardless.

So Here are the details of the challenge. We dare you to Fall into Greatness.

  • No sweet shit.

  • No Alcohol.

  • Eat 4+ servings of vegetables a day.

By sweet shit - we mean no sweet shit. That’s it. Real or fake.

Whole fruit is okay.

This isn’t a Whole9 or Whole Life Challenge. Lara bars and other paleo treats are sweet and therefore not okay (they have the same effect as eating a snickers bar). Marinara sauce may have sugar as an ingredient, but it isn’t sweet, and for our purposes is perfectly fine. Diet coke is sweet, even if there are zero calories, and therefore not allowed. This isn’t a no grain challenge, but understand that eating starchy carbs like bread, rice, and pasta will make you crave sugar even more.

Please do not go by other challenges we’ve done in the past - this one serves a different purpose. To get your sweet tooth back under control and give the control back to you. You are not a slave to what everyone else is eating and drinking.

It’s always darkest before the dawn. Expect to feel moody and sluggish on days 7-9, then prepare to feel AMAZING on day 10.

Here are how the points work.

  • A “successful day” meets all the criteria listed above.

  • For each successful day your home team (the class you attend the most) earns 10 yds.

  • For every 100 yds the team gets it earns a touchdown.

  • If you have 10 consecutive successful days, you earn a field goal for your team.

  • We will update the scoreboard at the start of every class - so come on time to get your points.

  • If you don’t attend class every day, then when you can update the scoreboard for multiple days when you are here next or assign a team mate to do it for you.

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