Community Updates October 3rd

Happy October!

Thank you to our Hyperformance family - students and alumni for our box the BEST in the Low Country for the last 8 years! And Congrats to for taking home the Spirit Stick in the Bragging Rights competition this past Saturday.

As we move into our 9th year you’ll see us continue to make improvements. We’re working hard to bring you unmatched coaching and programming and create an environment that is the most positive part of day.

Next Monday is Columbus Day. All classes are normal schedule including the High School class at 3:30pm.


Thank you to Benchmark Physical Therapy (coming soon to Savannah!) for sponsoring this year’s Gobble Games.

Save the date - December 9th (that’s a Friday!) for the annual Hyperformance Holiday Party!

We have a number of athletes competing this month. Please support our guys going the following competitions:

  • Grit Games @ Jax Beach (Jill, Taylor & Kelly and Freddy, Mike, & Tyler) - October 8th and 9th

  • Master’s Series at CFT in Hilton Head - Sunday Oct 9th

  • SuperFit Apex (Wags and Scott C.) - Saturday October 8th

HyperLink will be meeting again on Thursday October 20th at 7pm.


Welcome to EMOMtober! We will be doing positional olympic work and gymnastic work over the next couple of weeks in an increasing difficulty progression. Now that our strength phase is over, we are transitioning more toward OPEN style movements and workouts. Take time to develop the basics in the lifts and gymnastics. This will serve you well in the coming months.

Nutrition Skill Clinics -

  • Food As Fuel Seminar - October 13th @ 6pm and October 15th @ 10am. This is an important seminar for athletes and non-athletes alike. It’s our basics of nutrition, including strategy and meal prep. Learn to guard yourself against misleading food marketing and labeling. Many people in our city need to hear this message. Please invite family and friends. $10 suggested donation to benefit Lindsey’s Place.

  • Advanced Nutrition Seminar - October 27th @ 6pm and October 29th @ 10am. This seminar covers specific protocols - macros, RPE, paleo, zone as it relates to performance. Pre- and post-workout meals as well as supplements will be covered. Food as Fuel is highly recommended before attending advanced nutrition.

Semi-annual Personal Training - every athlete has 1 semi-annual personal training session included in your membership every 6 months. Sessions must be used before December 31st. This is a great time to meet with your coach to discuss personal nutrition needs, goals, and get a little extra help on mobility or technique. You’ll also update your homework assignment. Regular PT sessions with a coach are also available - ask about our hybrid memberships.


10/13 and 10/15 - Food As Fuel Seminar

10/22 - Olympic Lifting Meet at Performance Initiatives

10/27 and 10/29 - Advanced Nutrition Skill Clinic

10/15 - Festivus Games @ Crossfit Salt.

11/11 and 11/12 Gobble Games @ CFHP!

Happy Monday Hyperformance Athletes!

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