Hurricane Matthew Update

We got very lucky! As it sits right now on Monday evening, the gym has no power. That means no internet, no fans, no music, no lights, no clocks, etc... There is a power pole by the gym that completely snapped in half.

Once power is restored, we will go in and clean the gym floor really well. It had some standing water for a couple of days.

Drew will try to send out update videos everyday. Keep checking the website for an updated schedule.


We are shooting for Wednesday limited schedule. PLEASE BE PATIENT as the city rebuilds.

We got a chance to speak to some of the workers here in town helping us get the city back in order. They all look tired and weary. Try to give your neighbors a hand. If you have power, take some cold water or a hot meal to people.

This is a wonderful chance to show compassion to your fellow HPA athletes and fellow Savannahians.

HPA athletes with NO power or water please let the gym help you. We can cook, we can wash clothes, we can clean yards, let us help.

Thank you for being an amazing group of family and friends.

HPA Staff

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