12 Things Mental Giants DO!!!

The most difficult part about life is dealing with the mental aspect of it. These 12 things set the mental Giants apart from everyone else.

12 Things Mentally Strong people DO.

  1. Believe that hard work pays off. They believe that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

  2. They realize that there are two sets of variables: things that they can control and things that they cannot. The majority of the focus is on things that they can control. What others think is out of their control, thus mentally strong people cease to worry about it.

  3. Believe unconditionally in their abilities and preparation. They can adapt to changes with a positive mindset because their training has empowered them.

  4. Life is full of stimuli. Response to as stimulus is a conscious choice. Mentally strong people have control over their attitude toward any stimulus.

  5. Believe have a strong support system of self, family, and community. Because they believe unconditionally in themselves, they can selflessly believe in others. They can truly appreciate others achievements because they can appreciate their own.

  6. See obstacles as opportunities to grow. Failure happens. Mentally strong people can learn from failure in order to improve.

  7. Live in the moment. They spend time enjoying what the past has given them, and they spend time preparing for any future obstacles. Again they react to future encounters not with anxiety, but with confidence.

  8. Constantly learning and trying to improve.

  9. Embrace the opportunity to meditate and self-analyze.

  10. Look for obstacles and opportunities to improve.

  11. Realize that training is a process and life is a journey. It takes time to develop skills and habits in order to reach a desired level.

  12. Believe that positive thoughts and words lead to positive actions. A set of positive actions develops positive habits. A collection of positive habits creates a positive character. A positive character has a positive outlook on life and tries to create a better life for himself/herself.

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