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Community Updates December 19th

December 19th, 2016

Holiday Schedule - Wed, Thurs, and Fri there will only be 3 classes each day at 6:15am, 11:30am, and 5:45 pm. Kids classes will be help Mon-Fri at 11:30 am. Saturday is normal schedule.


Traveling? It’s that time of year - many of you are traveling to and fro. Most Crossfit affiliates welcome visitors and we encourage you to check them out while you are traveling. It can be eye-opening how expansive this community is. Additionally, you’ll be exposed different coaching styles, cues, etc. If you do visit another Crossfit Affiliate please make sure that you call and confirm their hours and their visitor policy as each affiliate is different. Last - take that Hyperformance BUIYATAOO spirit with you!!

Special Announcement - We’re gonna do a very special Ring In The New Year WOD Saturday December 31st at 9am AND 11am. Think - Family Feud meets Crossfit. We would like to see our entire Hyperformance Athletics community together. Because it is a time of year when everyone is thinking about getting back into the gym, You may bring a guest, but it is limited to 1 guest only so that we can accommodate everyone.

New Options for new athletes - As you know there are currently 2 ways for new athletes to get started 1.) Squad Savannah Boot Camp is our 8-week program that meets three a week - they will start again on January 7th. 2.) Customized Personal Training Fundamentals to prepare an athlete for classes.

This January we will be testing a third option - a 4 week, Small Group Fundamentals. This class is limited to 6 people MAX. It will meet 3x per week for the same price as our 3x week membership, $165. Information is NOT on the website yet as we go through this first run, and we are taking athletes by referral only. So please feel free to share, and if you know of someone who is interested have them contact the gym directly. They will need to meet 1-on-1 with a coach initially.


The next 2 weeks will kind of be a de-load from super heavy lifting. We are still full on Open prep, so we have to keep the WOD intensity up. We will focus the next two weeks on movement quality and going to that unhappy place in WODs to push the fitness gains during the Holiday season. What better gift to yourself than going into next year Fitter than ever?

The week will end with some really awesome team WODs. 12 Days of Christmas WOD is Friday (new spin on an old classic) and the return of Grinch’s Revenge on Saturday.

REP YOUR GYM Competition is coming to HPA on Feb 18th. The folks at Breeze Scoring asked us to be a local host for this nationwide competition series and we’re super excited! Here are a few details -

Open movements - great opportunity to test yourselves before the Open

Teams of 2 Same Sex

Rx, Scaled, and Masters Divisions (40+)

Shirts and prizes provided by Breeze scoring

For more details or to register check out To register as a volunteer visit


  • HOLIDAY SCHEDULE - an abbreviated schedule to give all our team a chance to recover and be with their families.

  • Wed Dec 21st - Fri Dec 23rd - classes will be held at 6:15, 11:30, 5:45 only

  • Sat Dec 24th - normal

  • Mon Dec 26th and Tues Dec 27th - classes at 6:15, 11:30, and 5:45 only

  • Sat December 31st - Ring In the New Year WOD - athletes only plus one guest.

  • Tuesday January 2nd - Small Group Fundamentals kicks off.

  • Saturday January 7th - Squad Savannah - Echo Squad Opening Day.

Stay Limitless,

HPA Coaches

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