Community Updates January 2nd, 2017

Jan 2nd, 2017


Happy 2017 Hyperformance Family! On behalf of the Hyperformance Team I’d like to wish each of you a year full of challenges, discoveries, growth, and accomplishment as we continue to learn and grow together.

Over the last year we’ve welcomed many new athletes and are prepared to train even more. I’d like to give a BIG THANK YOU to our community, especially our ambassadors and former ambassadors, for being so welcoming and generous with your support and encouragement. We really are stronger together. As we continue this journey - Hyperformance will strive to provide the best hour of your day and will be a place that always inspires you to be your best self.

This month there are 3 ways for someone to get started - please help us spread the word!

New - Small Group Fundamentals - begins Tuesday Jan. 3rd. 4 week series of classes for brand new athletes to teach movements patterns and prepare for success in group classes. Meets 3x per week, cost is $165. This is a great option for someone who has been working out, but new to Crossfit.

Squad Savannah Boot Camp - begins Jan 7th - 8 week program for new or returning exercisers. The Squad meets three times per week focusing on building stamina and core strength. The Squad is all about Teamwork and getting in shape together. This is a great option if someone has been inactive for a while. Meets 3x per week. Cost is $299.

Personal Training Fundamentals - for the most 1-on-1 attention, flexibility in times, and customized pace. Most athletes need between 10-20 sessions before they are ready for group classes. $60/session.


This week we continue preparing for the 2017 Crossfit Open. We’ve taken out the MODs this week to allow ample time for prepare for each workout as well to debrief after each WOD. Each WOD we encounter can be strategized for you individually to get the best score possible. We will go over strategies during class.

What’s the deal with the Open / FNL anyway?

Each year, Crossfit HQ hosts a world-wide competition called the Crossfit Open. Anyone can participate, and hundreds of thousands of people do. The Open is 5 weeks long. Each week a new workout is announced on Thursday Night and athletes have until Monday night to submit their score online. The Open is the qualifier for Regionals and ultimately the Games. While the vast majority of us are not expecting to go beyond the Open, we compete anyway because it is a great test of fitness and to see how far we’ve come in the last year. It’s our sport. It also allows us to be inspired and to grow as a community. We prioritize our training year in such a way that we as athletes “peak” during the Open. This is our in-season.

Friday Night Lights (FNL) is how Hyperformance serves up the Crossfit Open. Each year it has gotten better and better. Each Friday night beginning Feb 24th and all throughout March we do the Open workout together, in heats. Of course there must be a party, prizes, and tons of cheering too. (Please note that St. Patrick’s day falls on a Friday this year - there will NOT be a FNL that week. Athletes will do the Open workout in class the following Monday).

Athletes can participate in FNL with or without registering for the Crossfit Open. Registration for FNL will open soon. This registration covers the cost of your team jersey and final party. You will be assigned a team prior to FNL (sorry - no requests, that’s the fun of it!) If you’d like to participate in the Open, have your score ranked worldwide, and available from year to year, then you need to additionally register for the Open at (please note that registration is not open yet) with Crossfit Hyperformance as your home affiliate.

Sponsorships are available for FNL if you’d like your business to be represented on the t-shirts and in the gym communications. See Drew McKenzie for more details.

Rep Your GYM Competition - corrected web address:

This is a 1-day, teams of 2 (same sex), 3 workout competition hosted by Hyperformance Athletics. Think of this as a pre-season game. The workouts are simple, but don’t underestimate them. You can complete in one of 3 divisions - Rx, Scaled, or Masters (40+). Registration is open at We’re also looking for volunteers and judges to be apart of this awesome day.

We have tested the WODs. They are set up for maximum fun and teamwork.


  • Tuesday January 2nd - Small Group Fundamentals kicks off.

  • Saturday January 7th - Squad Savannah - Echo Squad Opening Day. No 11am class.

  • Saturday Feb 18th - Rep Your Box Competition @ HPA.

  • Friday Feb 24th - 1st Friday Night Lights!

Stay Limitless,

HPA Coaches

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