Community Updates - January 23rd

One-minute inspiration

(inspired by Chop Wood Carry Water by Joshua Medcalf)

Where would you rather be uncomfortable?

Here in training or under the bright lights of competition/life?

Uncomfortable isn't a choice, but where you experience it is. Life will always be difficult somewhere. Hard isn't a choice, but where you experience it is.

Holding ourselves to a hard standard in the gym forces you to FEEL difficult to FEEL impossible. WHY do we push so hard in the gym? Why do we make you feel uncomfortable? Wouldn't it just be easier to post long slow distance workouts and stay in the "fat burning zone" on the elliptical? YES, it would be easier, but WE DON'T WANT EASY. Easy means nothing. When difficulty arises in life (and it will) HUMANS never rise to the occasion. They merely fall to their lowest level of training. You want/we want that lowest level of training to be hard. We want that lowest level to be perfect, so that you can walk through life's difficulties with relative ease. Train hard in the dark, to shine the brightest in the light!!!!

Let's go!



First Saturday Friend Fest - Join us Saturday February 4th for First Saturday Friend Fest at 9am. We kick off the month of love so bring someone you’d love to workout next to (or just love to kick their butt).

Rep Your Gym - is a fitness series designed for EVERYONE at ANY fitness level. It takes place 2 times a year (February/August) at gyms all over the World. Our next event is on Saturday, February 18th where Teams of 2 will take on a days worth of fun workouts. Grab a partner and #RepYourGym!

Calling volunteers and judges - we need your help on Saturday Feb. 18th for the Rep Your Gym competition. The competition will start at 9am and last until about noon. Sign up to volunteers here:

Friday Night Lights! Wanna rep your business during Friday Night Lights? Sponsors help us make it possible to purchase prizes and more. See here for more information. Deadline is Feb 4th.


This week is going to be amazing. 3 MODS on tap (jerk, front squat and a yoke carry). Monday's WOD is a test. We are introducing a NEW movement for you to practice. Can you adjust to the stimulus? Tuesday is our regular interval day. The interval is tough. Time to really dial in things for the open. Wednesday we will work to a heavy snatch post-wod. Thursday is one of our favorite crossfit WODs Helen with a twist. The week winds up with a super teams WOD on saturday.

Open Prep Workshop - This Saturday from 1-3 we will host our 2nd Open Prep Workshop. We will be covering another strategy lecture, Deadlifts and Cleans as our barbell movement. We will cover HSPU and Burpees as our gymnastic movements. Come learn to conquer these things.

See you guys Saturday!!!


  • Saturday January 28th, February 4th, and February 11th are the other OPEN WORKSHOPS from 1-3pm.

  • Saturday Feb 4th - First Saturday Friend Fest - bring someone who inspires you.

  • Tuesday Feb 7th - next small group fundamentals starts

  • Saturday Feb 18th - Rep Your Box Competition @ HPA.

  • Friday Feb 24th - 1st Friday Night Lights!

  • Saturday Feb 25th - Squad Savannah Bring A Friend Day (athletes you are welcome too!)

Stay Limitless!

Hyperformance Coaches

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