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Drew's words of inspiration...

How does the wildest fire start? A simple spark. One flickering flame that catches some fuel turns into an uncontrollable raging inferno. This gang is called MOMENTUM. The only way to stop a fire is to eliminate it's fuel and/or smother it from gaining ground. HPA's mission is to create positive FORWARD momentum in people's lives. We do this by igniting the fitness spark in everyone. Our job is to ignite the passion for improvement. YOUR job is to constantly seek out new ways to improve. In our 10 commandments it says "Attack your Weakness" . We chose our words carefully. Attack. Attack with the ferocity of a million great white a tornado. THIS will either cause more sparks to ignite to fires of passion, or stoke the fires already burning. Either way you win.


Friday Night Lights - Our 5-week celebration of Crossfit and Community - kicks off less than 3 weeks. All the details can be found on the Friday Night Light webpage, but here are few things that effect all athletes.

  • No 11:30, 4:30, 5:45, or 7:00 pm classes Feb 24th through March 31st.

  • Registration for FNL will remain open during the 5 weeks, but athletes must register before Feb. 9th to have time to order your team jersey.

  • If you wish to be able to submit your scores on the worldwide leaderboard you must additionally register for the Open at

  • Remember - you cannot negatively impact your team. You can only add to it's overall score through many different opportunities in addition to participating in FNL. So even if you are brand-spanking new to HPA - you can definitely be a part of FNL!

Rep YOUR Gym - is taking place Saturday Feb 18th. There are no classes this day.

  • Feb 11th is the deadline to register at

  • Volunteers and Judges are still needed - register online to be included in receiving a shirt.

Play in the Park WOD - on Saturday March 11 there will be no classes at the gym. Instead we'll take active recovery day in the park. Think field day. More details coming as we get closer to March 11th.

Getting Started - Just a reminder that our next Small Group Fundamentals class begins tomorrow, Tuesday, and the next Squad Savannah class begins on Saturday March 11. The next Friend Fest will be held on Saturday March 4th. If you know someone interested in getting started at HPA - they get a free coaching coaching appointment from one of our amazing coaches. They just need to call to schedule.


If you guys can't tell, we are in FULL open prep now. ALL the WODs this week feel directly related to the Open. Monday is a twist on an old favorite. Tuesday is perhaps one of the most fun WODs in the history of WODs. Wednesday and Thursday are clear training days for WODs to come and Friday is another opportunity to re-test an Amazing open WOD. Come in early and start moving around if you can. This is going to be a fun week.


  • Thursday Feb. 9th- last day to register for FNL and guarantee a shirt.

  • Friday Feb 10th - Live FB announcement of teams and scoring

  • Saturday Feb 11 - noon, optional meet with your FNL team. 1pm - 3pm Open Prep Workshop

  • Saturday Feb 18th - REP YOUR GYM. No classes.

  • Friday Feb 24th - FNL week 1

  • Friday March 3rd - FNL week 2

  • Saturday March 4th - First Saturday Friend Fest 9am

  • Friday March 10th - FNL week 3

  • Saturday March 11th - Play in the Park, Squad Opening Day.

  • Friday March 17th - St. PATS, gym is closed.

  • Monday March 20th - House workout in class IS the Open WOD #4.

  • Friday March 24th - FNL week 5

  • Friday March 31st and Saturday April 1st - Spring Open Powerlifting Meet - NO CLASSES.

Thank you to our Awesome Friday Night Light Sponsors!!

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