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No Classes This Saturday Feb. 18th. Hyperformance Athletics will be hosting Rep Your Gym Competition.

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

Have you guys met EDSO yet?

There is some rationale to how we create the best hour of your day. Let's pull the curtains back so that you can help us in this mission.

E-endorphins get released when we exercise. It makes us feel good. I heard it best the other day, "I always come in feeling bad, but when I leave I feel awesome." Some folks call it the runner's high. It feels good to move well.

D-dopamine gets released as we start to accomplish things. I call this the goal getting chemical. As we check off things on our to-do list, we get a little hit of dopamine. It feels good to accomplish things. This is why we encourage every athlete to right down PRs. Do it. It feels good.

S-serotonin gets released as a by product of seeing/helping others succeed and reach their goals. It's the pride chemical. When you invest in other people and see that investment result in them achieving their goals, one THEY get a dopamine feel good and YOU get a serotonin bump. It feels good to watch others win. Another reason we say Celebrate every victory. It should give others as much joy as it give you. When you win, we all win.

O-oxytocin is the touch chemical. It gets released when you physically touch someone. We encourage athletes to slap high fives as much as possible. It feels good to slap five. Try to give as possible in the next class!

If you want to dive a little deeper these concepts and others read Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek.


For all athletes - whether you are participating in FNL or not, please be aware that beginning Feb 24th and through March 24th the following schedule will be in effect on Fridays.

  • 6:15 and 9am classes only - the WOD is the Open workout. The only people that should be here are those that cannot be physically present Friday night.

  • The gym will be shut down from 10 am to 2:30 pm.

  • Teams may begin decorating and bringing in food at 3pm.

FNL Update

  • Teams have been announced! Click here for the full list. Click here for the live announcement video.

  • Each team has a facebook group to facilitate discussion. Your ambassadors are responsible orchestrating the party/decorations. Your coaches are there for any movement, strategy, or warm-up needs before or during the FNL event.

  • Each team is responsible for their week's decorations and party / food. The white team has week 1, followed by Gray for week 2, then Navy for week 3. There is no FNL event on week St. Patrick's Day. We will do the Open WOD in class the following Monday. The final week will be hosted by the black team.

  • If you wish to be able to submit your scores on the worldwide leaderboard you must additionally register for the Open at

  • It's not too late to sign up. You can sign up at any point here. The T-shirt deadline is now passed, however.

Rep Your Gym is taking place this Saturday. We're excited to make this an amazing event for the teams and volunteers. Volunteers should arrive at 7:00 am. Athletes may check-in between 8:00 am and 8:30 (please do not come earlier than 8am). The event should last until about noon.

Play in the Park - Join us Saturday March 11th for an outdoor (weather permitting) active recovery /game day at Hull Park. This will count toward active recovery points for your FNL team. The gym will be closed for the Squad Opening Day.

Georgia POWERLIFTING Spring Open will take place Friday April 1st and Saturday April 2nd. The gym will close at 1pm on Thursday March 31st for set-up. This is a HUGE event every year bringing some of the strongest powerlifters in the state. It's amazing to come watch. If you'd like to volunteer we always need help with concessions, check-in, and plate changers. Contact Coach Freddy to volunteer.


We are training hard this week with a slight taper on intensity at the end of the week for the competition (Rep your Gym). Monday is a weightlifting focus. Tuesday we learn a novel skill in a fun partner AMRAP for St. Valentine's day. Wednesday is a high skill focus in a LONG AMRAP. Thursday is a move around work kind of day. Friday is a pacing strategy WOD.


  • Saturday Feb 18th - REP YOUR GYM. No classes.

  • Friday Feb 24th - FNL week 1

  • Friday March 3rd - FNL week 2

  • Saturday March 4th - First Saturday Friend Fest 9am

  • Friday March 10th - FNL week 3

  • Saturday March 11th - Play in the Park, Squad Opening Day.

  • Friday March 17th - St. PATS, gym is closed.

  • Monday March 20th - House workout in class IS the Open WOD #4.

  • Friday March 24th - FNL week 5

  • Friday March 31st and Saturday April 1st - Spring Open Powerlifting Meet - NO CLASSES.

Thank you to our Awesome Friday Night Light Sponsors!!

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