Community Updates 2/27/16

White Team getting the party started and setting the bar with team spirit for week 1. Gray team, you're next!

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

I spent all day Saturday in Charleston at my son's Taekwondo Tournament. I REALLY got to put into practice, "ONLY focus on the things you can control" mantra because the tournament ran 4 HOURS late. I wanted to be back in Savannah at 2pm, and didn't return until 7pm. Such is life.

While sitting in the midst of white, purple, red, and black belts (I skipped several for brevity, but will come back in another topic thread) I started thinking about my surroundings and watching people and listening. After losses I heard lots of excuses. I wasn't ready, the judge didn't like me, I was tired, the crowd was too noisy, I mean everything under the sun.

What happens when you run out of excuses? What happens when you do EVERYTHING in your power to be great? Is it okay to strive for greatness or do you just want to have that one excuse in your back pocket just in case you don't perform as well as you could? Hmmm interesting life choice for sure. I assure you that if you strive to be great and give it your BEST effort you will WIN! I challenge you this week. Control the things you can. Eat the right food. Get enough sleep. Listen to your body and rest as needed. Set yourself up for success NOW. On Friday, I DARE YOU TO BE GREAT.


First Saturday Friend Fest is THIS SATURDAY March 4th at 9am. The WOD will be light and fun - a great recovery after FNL. Make sure your to tell your friends to arrive a few minutes early as they will need to fill out a waiver and meet the coaches.

For all athletes - whether you are participating in FNL or not, please be aware that beginning Feb 24th and through March 24th the following schedule will be in effect on Fridays.

  • 6:15 and 9am classes only - the WOD is the Open workout. The only people that should be here are those that cannot be physically present Friday night.

  • The gym will be shut down from 10 am to 2:30 pm each Friday.

  • Teams may begin decorating and bringing in food at 3pm.

FNL Update

  • It's not too late to get on a team for Friday Night Lights and join in on the fun!

Play in the Park - Join us Saturday March 11th for an outdoor (weather permitting) active recovery /game day at Hull Park. This will count toward active recovery points for your FNL team. The gym will be closed for the Squad Opening Day.

Georgia POWERLIFTING Spring Open will take place Friday April 1st and Saturday April 2nd. The gym will close at 1pm on Thursday March 31st for set-up. This is a HUGE event every year bringing some of the strongest powerlifters in the state. It's amazing to come watch. If you'd like to volunteer we always need help with concessions, check-in, and plate changers. Contact Coach Freddy to volunteer.


Woohoo week 1 is done and in the books! There will be some stragglers having to do 17.1 Monday. As for the week, I know folks backs are sore so take some time and SLOWLY warm up the hip/back ext movement Monday. We NEED to clean heavy this week and Monday is the best day. Interval Tuesday is a Fran Wrap something Ol Castro might have up his sleeve, but a really good test of independent overhead stability and CTB capacity. Wednesday is a little different than last week. The competitive folks can go for it and try to do it for time, but it is not necessary. Thursday things change again when we snatch moderate weights. We will also ROMwod/mobilize. Friday= 17.2. Saturday will stay subject to change based off of Thursday’s announcement.

Remember to begin hydrating early in the day on Friday - HOURS before you compete. If you wait until you've walked in the gym it's way too late.


  • Friday March 3rd - FNL week 2 - Grey Team Hosts!

  • Saturday March 4th - First Saturday Friend Fest 9am

  • Friday March 10th - FNL week 3 - NAVY Team Hosts

  • Saturday March 11th - Play in the Park, Squad Opening Day.

  • Friday March 17th - St. PATS, gym is closed.

  • Monday March 20th - House workout in class IS the Open WOD #4.

  • Friday March 24th - FNL week 5 - BLACK TEAM HOSTS

  • Thursday March 30th - GYM CLOSES at 1 PM.

  • Friday March 31st and Saturday April 1st - Spring Open Powerlifting Meet - NO CLASSES.

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