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Community Updates 3/6/17

Look at these amazing boot camp graduates! Proud, happy, and coming atcha in class this week!

Reminder - no classes at the gym Saturday - come learn and play new sports in the park at Hull Park 10am.

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

"When I let go of what I am, become what I might be"- Lao Tzu

People are so often held back because they see themselves in a less than bright light. I've never been athletic. I've never been able to do that. I can't squat heavy weight. I am addicted to [enter ANY addiction here]. They can see only a narrow glimpse of the here and now. What they DON'T see is that NOW is the moment you can change. NOW, you can take the first step into becoming what you were MEANT TO BE. Everyday is an opportunity to IMPROVE upon the previous day. You are meant to be a fantastic machine of health and wellness. You are meant to be a powerful human capable of so many things. Decide to change TODAY. Decide to change NOW. People are often held in fear for change because of what others may think... Change for yourself. Naysayers will slowly fade from earshot once you commit to a lasting change. Become what you are destined to be. Become Great. This thought process brings new meaning to, "today is the first day of the rest of your life!!!" Get busy living.

- Drewfucious


FNL Update - Navy team is deck this week to decorate and provide food for the athletes. Parents, please remember your children are welcome, but food is for the adults only. Our spotlight heat will feature our rookies - folks that are competing in the Open for the very first time. This heat will take place at 6pm. Come cheer them on!

FNL BONUS Challenge - This week you can earn bonus points for your team by making on impact on our community. Bring non-perishable food donations between now and FNL. These donations will go to Second Harvest Food Bank. The team with the most donations will win bonus points.

Play in the Park - Join us this Saturday March 11th for an outdoor (weather permitting) active recovery /game day at Hull Park. This will count toward active recovery points for your FNL team. The gym will be closed for the Squad Opening Day. Small Group Fundamentals and kids classes will still meet.

SQUAD SAVANNAH OPENING DAY is This Saturday March 11th. There are still spots left for this life-changing program. Participants meet 3 times per week for team training in addition to homework, nutrition, and supplement advise. If you know someone that's been talking about getting started but think that they can't do crossfit, this is for them. Have them read Drew's post above, and give us a call to set up for Opening Day.

Kinetic Collective Will be here Monday March 20th (We'll be doing Open 17.4 that day) with their collection of NOBULLS, apparel, and gear for a pop-up shop.

Georgia POWERLIFTING Spring Open - date change....This will take place on Saturday April 2nd. (not Friday and Saturday). The gym will close at 1pm on Friday March 31st for set-up. This is a HUGE event held every year bringing some of the strongest powerlifters in the state. It's amazing to come watch. If you'd like to volunteer we always need help with concessions, check-in, and plate changers. Contact Coach Freddy to volunteer.


I am fairly confident that since the last two Open WODs have been dumbbell focused, we will see the barbell this week. Because of that “fact” we will work the barbell in a couple of different formats on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is a similar day to last week, but much more engaging. Long row, but stopping to do some sled drags. Thursday is a game day prep day with a long mobility session after. Friday is FNL #3. We have been 2 for 2 with good days. Let’s keep it up. Saturday is a team effort.


  • Friday March 10th - FNL week 3 - NAVY Team Hosts

  • Saturday March 11th - Play in the Park 10am, Squad Opening Day 10am

  • Friday March 17th - St. PATS, gym is closed.

  • Monday March 20th - House workout in class IS the Open WOD #4.

  • Monday March 20th - Kinetic Collective will be here all day!

  • Friday March 24th - FNL week 5 - BLACK TEAM HOSTS

  • Thursday March 30th - GYM CLOSES at 1 PM.

  • Friday March 31st - Spring Open set-up, gym will close at 1pm.

  • Saturday April 1st - Spring Open Powerlifting Meet - NO CLASSES.

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