Community Updates 3/20/17

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

The other day Jennifer walked into the bathroom while I was taking a shower (we are married so...) as she was walking out she shut off the light. No big deal as it was morning and the natural light was filling the room, but I said, "Thank you". The turned the light back on. I didn't get mad, as I simply knew she did it on AUTOpilot. We all have those things we do automatically. Some research suggests that upwards of 40% of our LIFE is on autopilot. How much of your life is that way? Do you automatically have a glass of wine EVERY night? Do you automatically order dessert? Are those the things that are holding you back from advancing? Take control NOW. Understand that EVERY decision has ramifications. You have direct control over each decision you make. Don't let autopilot veer you of the course to greatness.

Choose to be great.



FNL Update - It's WEEK 5, our final week! The black team is on deck for one stellar night. Remember:

  • All points spirit and podium points are double this week.

  • Parents, your kids are welcome, but you are responsible for them even while you are working out.

  • Teams are providing food for athletes, but not guests or kids.

Week 5 RISE TO LIFT OTHERS BONUS - This week are supporting the Savannah community by collecting travel-size hygine / toiletries. These Jr. League provisional class will be using these items to create and distribute Confidence Kits for middle and high school students that who may not have access to simple products we take for granted. Items requested: individually wrapped soap bars, razors, trial size shampoo and conditioner, trial size deodorant, individually wrapped tampons or pads. Click Here for more details.

Georgia POWERLIFTING Spring Open - date change....This will take place on Saturday April 2nd. (not Friday and Saturday). The gym will close at 1pm on Friday March 31st for set-up. This is a HUGE event held every year bringing some of the strongest powerlifters in the state. It's amazing to come watch. If you'd like to volunteer we always need help with concessions, check-in, and plate changers. Contact Coach Freddy to volunteer.

FIRST SATURDAY FRIEND FEST - 9 am Saturday April 8th.


CLASS SCHEDULE CHANGE! Beginning Saturday April 8th we are adding a 7:30am All Levels Class. It's getting warmer and we know that many of you would like to get in and out on Saturdays. Saturdays are a great day to mix it up with a different coach, different faces, and movements you don't always get to see during the week.

We have 2 open WODs this week. We have been preparing for this week for a long time now. You are ready. Tuesday, we have our hardest training day. THRUSTERS. They may come up in the Open. Wednesday is a repeated cardio effort (the weather is beautiful this week so enjoy a little running). Thursday is a regular pre-FNL prep day with some mobility at the end. Friday is FNL #5. WOOHOO. Saturday is a little partner WOD with some more running and fun based off of the Open Test.


  • Friday March 24th - FNL week 5 - BLACK TEAM HOSTS

  • Thursday March 30th - Normal schedule (previously announced as closing at 1pm).

  • Friday March 31st - Spring Open set-up, gym will close at 1pm.

  • Saturday April 1st - Spring Open Powerlifting Meet - NO CLASSES.

  • Tuesday April 4th - next Small Group Fundamentals begins

  • Saturday April 8th - 9am Bring A Friend Fest

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