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Community Updates 4/3/2107

Our small group fundamentals grads are ready to join in crossfit classes.

Congrats and Welcome Leemun and Alicia, our March Small Group Fundamentals grads. Look for these ladies to be crushing it in class this week!

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

MARCH/April Madness is an exciting time of year in the sports world. Watching this year's Women's Championships got me thinking about winning streaks. The UConn women's winning streak of 111 games came to an end in the National Semifinal. Not too shabby. Some other notable streaks from around the sports world: De La Salle High School Football- 151 games (they made a movie about this one), UCLA Basketball-88 games, Cael Sanderson - 159 consecutive NCAA Wrestling matches. The list can go on forever. Search Winning streaks on Wikipedia and every sport has them. Some cool sports trivia for us fellow nerds.

What happens when the STREAK ends? Most if not all streaks do END at some point. Do the teams just give up because the streak is over? "Okay, well there is not point in playing anymore because our streak got snapped." A resounding NO! should be echoing in your head right now.

FAILURE does not make us give up. It simply starts a NEW STREAK. Take stock of everything in your life at this moment. What types of streaks are you on? Where have your streaks snapped? Start new streaks of POSITIVE today. Nothing is stopping you from success. Go for it. The winning streak of your life starts NOW!



FIRST SATURDAY FRIEND FEST this weekend - 9 am and 11 am Saturday April 8th. (7:30 am class is normal, all-levels members only.)

Self - Defense Seminar this Saturday April 8th at 12 noon. The seminar is free for members and guests.

BEACH WOD - The first of the season! April 29th at 10am. Come early to find parking and get to our spot. Stay afterwards to just hang out the beach with cool people. There will also be a kids class on the beach. No 9am or 11am class this day.

Squad Savannah Bring A Friend Workout - April 29th 10am. Have a friend that talks about getting back in shape and not sure where to start? Or maybe has tried numerous times? The Squad Savannah provides both the tools and encouragement to make that happen. The Bring A Friend workout allows for someone to experience the get a taste of the camp in a fun, supportive atmosphere.


CLASS SCHEDULE CHANGE! Beginning Saturday April 8th

  • NEW Saturday 7:30am All Levels Class. It's getting warmer and we know that many of you would like to get in and out on Saturdays. Saturdays are a great day to mix it up with a different coach, different faces, and movements you don't always get to see during the week.

  • Saturday 11:00 am class is now a Level 1 class (using our new level system). This class will be a mix of reviewing the basics, more in-depth skill work, and other fun segments.

Check out Drew's explanation of our new levels and what to expect in class in the year to come:

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be testing some benchmark workouts and movements. It's really important for you to keep tracking your progress for your sake and also so that we can program better for the gym. Please remember to record your workout in Zen Planner after class. For a tutorial on using the app check out this video:


  • Tuesday April 4th - next Small Group Fundamentals begins

  • Saturday April 8th - 9am and 11am Bring A Friend Fest

  • Saturday April 8th - Self-Defense Seminar 12 noon

  • Saturday April 29th - Beach Wod! 10am. No 9am or 11am classes.

  • Saturday April 29th - Squad Savannah Boot Camp Bring A Friend Day

  • Monday May 29th - Memorial Day Murph Time TBD

You are Limitless!


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