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Our small group fundamentals grads are ready to join in crossfit classes.

Hollis took our small group fundamentals class this past January, then jumped right into group coaching. What was impossible then, becomes possible now, because of all the small steps along the way.

Reminder - Bring A Friend Day THIS Saturday May 6th at 9am.

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

I have never seen a house built on wishes. The stronger the foundation, the better the house. Quit wishing for a better life, an easier life. Start building your foundation today. Do the little things. Enjoy. Breathe. Love. Laugh. Eat Real Food. Run. Jump. Meditate. You are the total sum of ALL your parts. Work to make sure those parts better than they were yesterday. Strive for excellence and constant improvement. This is the secret to a great life.



Congratulations Krys and Justing for Graduating Small Group Fundamentals!

FIRST SATURDAY FRIEND FEST - May 6th at 9am! The 7:30 am class is normal and the 11:00 am class is our new L1 class. The 7:30 and 11am are members only.

SMALL GROUP FUNDAMENTALS - New PM Time! May group starts on Tuesday May 9th. Participants can join the AM session (Tues/Thurs 6am, Sat 8am) or the PM session (Tues/Thurs 5:30pm, Sat 8am)

Race, Cheer, or Volunteer - Hyperformance Athletics and athlete Bill Baehner will be cooking up a good time at the Jason Dahlke Adventure Race on May 13th. Literally - Bill is smoking BBQ and we're helping to serve it up! We need volunteers that can help prep and assist with food distribution from noon - until..... If you are interested in helping to volunteer please contact Kelly Hayes. If you'd like to participate in the races - The 1/2 race itself is run/bike and the full race is run/bike/kayak with navigation. Teams of two can register up until the day of the event but need to provide equipment (rentals can be set up in advance). The event is also very family friendly, feel free to come support and eat! Free activities for kids as well. See For questions about the race or event contact Suzanne Lynch.


Colby is on his way to Belaruse but if you'd like to show support for Colby you can still make a contribution at

R.E.D. Friday is coming!


Monday is an absolute scorcher! Get ready for the burn. Super good opportunity to combine rowing and thrusters. Tuesday is a LONG chipper. There are several high skill movements in Tuesday's WOD and a great chance to work on linking olympic movements together. Wednesday is our murph prep day. The runs need to be at an uncomfortable pace and the reps in the gym are small so challenge the difficulty. Thursday (Star Wars Day) is a theme filled partner AMRAP. Friday is a solo WOD with Higher skill gymnastics (HSPU and DUs). Saturday is a fun Partner workout day (also 1st Saturday Bring A Friend).

Freeze Sleeve Pre-order - we will be placing a Freeze sleeve (compression and cold therapy for knees and elbows) order THIS FRIDAY. If you would like to be included in the order leave your name, color, and size on the clipboard next to the sign in kiosk.

Where's the MOD?? New Video From Drew (link corrected)

Level Explanation Check out Drew's explanation of our new levels and what to expect in class in the year to come:

CLASS SCHEDULE CHANGE! Beginning Saturday April 8th

  • NEW Saturday 7:30am All Levels Class. It's getting warmer and we know that many of you would like to get in and out on Saturdays. Saturdays are a great day to mix it up with a different coach, different faces, and movements you don't always get to see during the week.

  • Saturday 11:00 am class is now a Level 1 class (using our new level system). This class will be a mix of reviewing the basics, more in-depth skill work, and other fun segments.

Semi-Annual Check-ins - This is also a great time of year to get up with your Primary Coach for a Semi-Annual Check-in. The check in is 30-45 minutes of face to face time to review goals, strategies, homework assignments, nutrition, or whatever you need. A few of you may have been contacted about changing your primary coach to one that you will see more frequently. If you are not sure who your primary coach is please let us know.

Summer Kids Classes - June 5th- July 22nd

Kids Crossfit (rising 1st - 5th grade) - Tue, Thur, Sat @10am

Middle/ High School- Mon, Wed, Fri @10 am


  • Saturday April 29th - Beach Wod! 10am. No 9am or 11am classes.

  • Saturday April 29th - Squad Savannah Boot Camp Bring A Friend Day

  • Saturday May 6th - First Saturday Friend Fest (9am only)

  • Tuesday May 9th - Next Small Group Fundamentals Class Begins

  • Monday May 29th - Memorial Day Murph! Class times at 7:30 am and 9:00 am.

  • Saturday June 3rd - First Saturday Friend Fest (9am only)

You are Limitless!


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