Community Updates June 5th, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

Congratulations to our May Small Group Fundamentals graduating this past Saturday (not pictured, Savannah, Jodi, and Tricia). The next group begins tomorrow!

2017 ATHLETE SURVEY - Please take a couple of minutes to answer 6 questions about the gym and how we can serve you better. Your answers are important to our continued improvement! The survey will close at midnight Tuesday night.

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

Hey gang, today is a video by a Youtuber named Matsuez M. He has several. This one struck me as powerful when I saw it recently. It is a compilation of several fairly famous speeches. Turn the volume way up because the music is pretty awesome too. I get inspiration from tons of sources. Today is a pretty cool one.



THIS THURSDAY - Savannah Bananas Hyperformance Night Out - Tickets must be purchased by Monday night. Let's meet up outside the gym! The Hyperlink crew is helping to organize a HPA Night out for our members on Thursday June 8th. This is a really popular night and is expected to sell out. We've reserved 50 tickets in advance that you can purchase at the gym for $15. This ticket includes all you can eat food, but no alcohol.

RISE to lift others shirt order has been placed! Shirts will arrive a the gym soon!

Every Friday is R.E.D. Friday! We invite you to wear red each and every Friday to Remember Everyone Deployed. The message this sends is that our deployed brothers and sisters are not forgotten. XS, S, and M size shirts are still available. If you'd like to be included in the next round of shirts make sure to order on the pre-order sheet. Once we reach 50 shirts we will place another order.

Vacation Hold Reminder - if you are planning a vacation this summer, keep in mind our hold policy. You may request to put your membership on hold in week-long increments for up to two weeks each quarter. Holds must be requested in advance by emailing your primary coach. Please note, holds do not change the billing date but add time to the end of your membership period. As you are traveling we encourage your to check out other Crossfit affiliates. Remember each one is different and has different rules for visitors - always call before you show up.

Billing Updates - just a reminder to our athletes that our preferred method of payment for memberships is a monthly ACH withdrawl. This requires a signature and voided check to set up. It requires less hassle on your part in the event that a card number changes. Forms are available at the front desk.


This week:

Monday- heavy overhead squats and a test of sorts with kb snatch.

Tuesday- a leg heavy middle time domain with a run. also a great opportunity to work on double unders

Wednesday- super fun emom with shoulder press and db rowing. the metcon has burpees and kb SWINGS.

Thursday- rowing and heavy front squats. get pumped up for this amazing workout.

Friday- leve 2/3 athletes get to showoff a bit with muscle ups for time. level 1 athletes get to practice a lot on the rings

Saturday- partner fun with CTB, Deadlifts, aab, and HSPU

Workout Tracking - your results depend on it! Tracking your progress allows you (and your coach) to see more clearly how you are progressing. It allows your workouts to be more effective as it gives you metrics to improve on. On strength days, it allows you to be more efficient working up in lifts by the numbers instead of feel. And it allows us to tweak the programming for the gym based off the results we are seeing for the gym as a whole. Please remember to log your results into ZP each day you come!

Semi-Annual Check-ins - This is also a great time of year to get up with your Primary Coach for a Semi-Annual Check-in. The check in is 30-45 minutes of face to face time to review goals, strategies, homework assignments, nutrition, or whatever you need. A few of you may have been contacted about changing your primary coach to one that you will see more frequently. If you are not sure who your primary coach is please let us know.

Summer Kids Classes - June 5th- July 22nd

Kids Crossfit (rising 1st - 5th grade) - Tue, Thur, Sat @10am

Middle/ High School- Mon, Wed, Fri @10 am


  • Tuesday June 6th - June Small Group Fundamentals Class Begins

  • Thursday June 8th - HPA Night Out at Savannah Bananas

You are Limitless!


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