TACOs Tuesday!! Nutrition 102 Inflammation

Guest Post here from Morgan. She really drops some good information about inflammation. Check it out:

Inflammation is the body’s protective response to damage or invasion. It Is the body’s attempt to heal itself after an injury, and repair damaged tissue. The purpose of inflammation is to avoid additional trauma to the body. Invading pathogens must be removed immediately. Acute inflammation is your body’s initial, short term reaction to injury. For example, when you twist your ankle it becomes swollen within minutes, due to acute inflammation. Acute inflammation is a good protective response from the body. We are talking systemic inflammation though.

Systemic inflammation is full body chronic inflammation that has stretched your inflammatory response over months, or even years. Remember, an inflammatory response is supposed to be short termed and fast. Your immune system is a unified complex of tissues and circulating cells protecting you from the bacteria, parasites, viruses, and much more that invade the body. Anything that does not belong in your body is trapped by an aggressive response. If it is not immediately terminated it turns into chronic inflammation resulting in systemic inflammation. Acne, allergies, depression, and chronic pain are just some of the symptoms from inflammation. Toxic diets (high sugar, high processed carb, and high industrial fat), lack of sleep, poor recovery, chronic stress, lack of nature time, lack of gut health, are all symptoms of systemic inflammation.

Certain food groups (sugar, grains, and dairy) can have a negative impact on your health and fitness. Are your energy levels inconsistent or nonexistent? (food/coffee) Do you have aches and pains and always are reaching for ibuprofen without even thinking about it? These symptoms can be directly related to the foods you eat. How do we know which foods are affecting us? By taking them away step by step and evaluating our day to day reactions. By cutting out all of the inflammatory food.

Here is a starting list of common foods known to cause inflammation. Again this is not an absolute for everyone, and the only way to know for sure to is test.

-Sugar (artificial and natural)

-Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils

-Wheat and wheat products (this includes bread, pasta, etc…)

-Soy and soy products

-Trans fats



-MSG (tons of ways to label this so read and be careful)

-Highly processed meats

The food you eat should promote a healthy, balanced immune system. Certain foods slip past your guts security system and create disorder. Your body is then forced to protect you, which then causes systemic inflammation. Your body needs to be able to turn the inflammation response on and off. If you are filling your body with certain foods it can never shut off the inflammatory response, causing an overworked immune system. If your immune system is overworked, it is going to be less effective at performing its routine tasks.

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