Community Updates JULY 24th, 2017

All the fit stuff happening soon

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

The brain is a powerful thing. It does so many complex computations every second. It does so many things we never even notice. The brain is the source of our biggest possible adaptation to working out, and the biggest source of potential set-back. When was the last time you trained your brain? Let's talk RAS (reticular activating system). This is your brain's filter. It processes millions of pieces of information every second and yet you only know about 430. Any more than this your world would be overwhelming. You can train your RAS to filter the things you want to focus on. Take a behavior you want to change, like eating more vegetables. You can train your RAS to focus on something like that by saying, writing, and reading over and over again "I eat vegetables at every meal." Over time of training your brain, you will being to focus on eating vegetables at every meal.

When was the last time you trained your brain as hard as you do say your back squat muscles? Why not?

Train your brain to gain. Refuse and stay the same.



Community Kickball for a cause

#RTLO Community Kickball Tournament - Saturday August 5th, 5pm, $5

Y'all asked us to revisit last year's kick ball festivities. (Check out pics here).

Update - please register this week so that we can get a head count. Also, local friends and family are welcome to participate. The more people, the more we can give to Lindsey's Place Camp.

We're kick'n for a cause. There will be three teams - Early Morning classes, Mid-day classes, and Evening classes will make up 3 adult teams. Each team will get to play the other two and the team with the best record wins. There will be a kids game as well, maybe a food truck, and tons of fun. All the proceeds go to Lindsey's Place Camp, a local non-profit started by the Hart family.

First Saturday Friend Fest - Back to School means Back in Action. This event is going to be a whole lot of sweaty fun. Bring a friend - or TWO! 9am only on August 5th.

Beach WOD - August 12th. In case you missed the last Beach WOD, #2 of the season is just around the corner. Join us at 10am at North Beach by the lighthouse. There will be a 7:30am class at the gym in case you'd like to do both AND a kids class at 10am. However, there will be no 9am or 11am.

Athlete Spotlight - Check out Josh Kelly's spot light here. Congrats to Maggie and Darryl for 100 classes!

Save the Date! Rise of the South Competition is coming this Sept. to Crossfit Boro. This is a fun weekend, individuals on Sat, teams of 2 on Sun. If you're not competing please consider bringing that Hyperformance Spirit.


WOD Preview...

  • Monday- Time to work on Cleans and Thrusters in an EMOM setting

  • Tuesday- We have a bodyweight sprint of pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups after a heavy work-up bench press

  • Wednesday- A very potent couplet with High Rep wall balls and power clean/jerks.

  • Thursday- We have a partner high rep sprint highlighted by barbell only hang power snatch, step-ups, and an increasingly difficult hanging total body flexion movement

  • Friday- We will do a very quick metcon with running, deadlifts at moderate weight, and everyone's favorite move-BURPEES after a heavy deadlift work-up.

  • Saturday- scorch fest. Bar muscle ups, air squats, and rowing for calories. After creating baby deer legs for you, we will watch Bambi as a cashout (haha not really).

Hyperformance Nutrition Challenge -

Drew breaks it all down right here:

Also, make sure to check out the blog posts that our team has written to help you out with the challenge.

Track your Progress: WOD Books are available at the front desk for $25 for you paper and pen people. Tracking your progress is important whether you do it digitally or on a paper, make sure you are tracking!

Need some extra 1-on-1? Maybe it's to clean up snatch or clean up your diet. Your coach is available for extra 1-on-1 by appointment. $40 per 30 minute session, $60 per hour session.

Saturday Mastery Class (name open for suggestions:)

We need your help! The 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month at 11am is a fun and educational class that is part of our intern/apprentice training. The class is coached by one of our apprenticing or new coaches under the guidance of Drew or Caleigh. This allows them to practice and refine their coaching and group management skills. The format will be slightly different from a regular class, with times to stop as we give feedback to the coaches-in-training. These discussions are useful to everyone. All athletes are invited, and new athletes are especially encouraged to be part of the process of developing our newer coaches. Members only, however this class will not count as a class towards 2 or 3 times per week membership.

KIDS! No Kids classes this week. But we start again with out in-school schedule next Monday July 31st.

  • Grades 1-5th meet Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:00

  • Grades 6th - 12th meet Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 3:30 to 4:15.


First Saturday Friend Fest Aug 5th, 9am

#RTLO Kickball Game Aug 5th, 5pm Hull park

Beach Wod - Aug 12th 10am, Tybee Lighthouse

Free Self-defense class - Aug 26th, 1pm

Mastery Class - August 12th 11am

Mastery Class - August 26th 11am

*Save the Date* Trivia Night - Fri Sept. 15th

*Save the Date*Bragging Rights - Sept 30th

You are Limitless!


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