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All the fit stuff happening soon

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

I have been reading Ben Bergeron's book, Chasing Excellence. There are some really good tidbits in there. One is James Clear's Aggregation of marginal gains. You might have heard us say the 1% rule. Same idea. Doing the little things, the 1% difference things over and over again may not feel like you are moving the needle, BUT that 1% adds up over time. Soon others will start to notice how different you are. You may never notice because you are in the minutiae of the everyday. But keep on chugging. Keep making those 1% improvements every single day. Then one day down the road, you look back and see where you were and now where you are. The difference WILL be staggering.



R.E.D. Shirt Pre-Order is Open Again through this Friday August 25th. Remember Everyone Deployed. Have patriotic family or friends that would like to join us on our mission to turn Friday's Red. Send them the link. Last chance to snag a CFHP - NineLine R.E.D. Shirt. (If you've already put your name on the clipboard at the gym then you do NOT need to also order online.)

Link to order:

WOD for TOD - Tuesday August 22nd. As is tradition at HPA, we will honor the life of Tod Heil August 22nd 2017 with his HERO WOD. Tod was a man of great integrity and was a very important influence in the early years of the gym.

We will add a 10:15 am class on Tuesday. ALL Firefighters are welcome to attend for FREE to honor Tod. Class times for the day are 0615 (busy class time), 0730, 0900, 1015, 1130, 430pm, 545pm (busy class time), 700pm

**If you are NEW to Crossfit, please avoid the Busy Class times.

Free Self-Defense Seminar with James Finizio Saturday August 26 at 1:00 pm. The seminar will be held at his studio at 302. W Victory Dr. (with air conditioning! what's that???) You know how to control a barbell and throw a medball, come learn how to move another human being. This clinic will be slightly different than the last with more ground defense.

Rise of the South Competition is coming September 2nd and 3rd to Crossfit Boro in Statesboro. This is a fun weekend with individuals competing on Saturday and teams of 2 on competing on Sun. If you're not competing please consider bringing that Hyperformance Spirit and cheering on your peers and coaches.

Bragging Rights Tailgate and Competition - Sept. 30th. Back for the 2nd year, coaches and owners from the all around the Low Country come together to throw down. Come out to Villa Maria to bet on your coaches, cheer them on, and represent Hyperformance.

Athlete Spotlight - Check out Adam Hart's Athlete Spotlight!

Congratulations Mark and Alicia on your 100th Classes!!


WOD Preview...

Last week talked about Programming during TACOs Drewsday (every Tuesday's FB Live video). Here's a link in case you missed this video from me:

On to this week

Monday- Nasty Girls is one of those amazingly simple and elegant Crossfit Workouts. It has a triad of components linked together to really set the body on fire. We pair high rep air squats, moderate rep muscle-ups, and moderate rep moderate weight hang power cleans. This thing just screams Crossfit.

Tuesday- Our year homage to one of HPA's best ambassadors. Tod Heil was an amazing man whose impact is still felt today. It is 2 16 min AMRAPs back to back each with 4 different movements. Come in ready to work with a partner and sweat lots.

Wednesday- Our second consecutive Hero workout, "Charlie" pays homage to another fallen firefighter. We have 4 intervals each consisting of 3 minutes. We will run, burpee pull-up, and then max rep thruster.

Thursday- is a team relay trying to amass as many TTB as possible. One partner ROWS, one partner KB lunges, and the other TTB.

Friday- is snatchtastic. We will work to a heavy 1 snatch, then sprint through 2 rounds of nancy.

Saturday is another strongman day. Sandbags on the menu, jogs, squats and push press with the sandbag highlight this amazing AMRAP.

Schedule Change - Remember there is no longer a 7pm class on Fridays.

Hyperformance Nutrition Challenge - challenges are hard. In the end it's the commitment you make to yourself, not to anyone else, to do things today so that you become more like the person you want to be. For me, that is someone who has control over their impulses and isn't a slave to any one routine or habit. I want to be adaptable. Who do you want to become more of during this challenge? (Jen)

Need some extra 1-on-1? Private coaching is available for all of our athletes. Maybe it's to clean up snatch or clean up your diet. Your coach is available for extra 1-on-1 time by appointments. $40 per 30 minute session, $60 per hour session.

Saturday Mastery Class (name open for suggestions:) - THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Every 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month at 11am there will be a fun and educational class that is part of our intern/apprentice training. The class is coached by one of our apprenticing or new coaches under the guidance of Drew or Caleigh. This allows them to practice and refine their coaching and group management skills. The format will be slightly different from a regular class, with times to stop as we give feedback to the coaches-in-training. These discussions are useful to everyone. All athletes are invited, and new athletes are especially encouraged to be part of the process of developing our newer coaches. Members only, however this class will not count as a class towards 2 or 3 times per week membership.

KIDS! Kids classes are back in action:

  • Grades 1-5th meet Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:00

  • Grades 6th - 12th meet Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 3:30 to 4:15.


Hero WOD for Tod - Tuesday Aug. 22 (extra class at 10:15 that day)

Free Self-defense class - Aug 26th, 1pm at 302 W. Victory St.

Mastery Class - August 26th 11am

Labor Day Schedule - 3 classes, 6:15am, 9:00am, and 5:45 pm (gym will be closed between classes)

*Save the Date* Trivia Night - Fri Sept. 15th

*Save the Date*Bragging Rights - Sept 30th

You are Limitless!


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