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Community Updates September 25, 2017

All the fit stuff happening soon

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

You find what you look for.

If you look for the bad in people, you will find it. If you look for the good, in people you will find it.

What are you looking for? What you look for you eventually surround yourself with.



Note for our members - we recently changed merchant processors. While the switch was seamless for processing credit card payments, processing ACH payments will take another day or two to get up and running. Due to this if you purchased retail last week, that payment was not run on Saturday and will be processed this week. If you received an email saying a payment was not processed, there is nothing you need to do we will re-process payments as soon as it's up and running. Thank you for your patience as we continue to make improvements!

The Crossfit Social Club is our private facebook group for members of Hyperformance Athletics. Make sure to join the page (approval required) so you can see all updates, shoutouts, etc happening behind the scenes. Here's the linko:

Athlete Appreciation Day is this Friday September 29th! Join us for this annual event happening in every class! Bring a towel and a change of clothes!

First Saturday Friend Fest is Turning Pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness. Snag a friend from work or a football buddy and let them know that pink is where it's at. Just come to workout in honor of someone you know who has fought with breast cancer or to show support for those currently in the fight. Times are 9am and 11am on October 7th. Here's our Facebook event page (sharing is easy!)

Festivus Games - (Competition for the rest of us) are taking place on Saturday October 14th at Crossfit Salt in Brunswick. Here's the flier. Participate, watch, or cheer. Need a partner? Put up a request in the Crossfit Social Club on Facebook. We have a handful of teams competing.

Gobble Games 2017...THEY ARE COMING! Mark the 11th of November on your calendar. Male/Female Partnerships this year. Sponsorships available (Deadline Oct. 3rd, for print on the flier deadline is 9/29).

Please share our facebook event page with friends at other affiliates:

Link to register or volunteer:

Attention Parents (of young kids and little pets)! Just a reminder if you choose to bring your little ones to the gym you are responsible for both their wellbeing AND ensuring that they are not distracting from the experience of the class. We love you and your family and know how much it means for them to be immersed in a fit community. Kids that will stay in a stroller are welcome on the floor and kids that are okay with less supervision are welcome in the office. For those in-between, you'll notice that we've provided a gated area for them stay during class. Please arrive early enough to get them and yourself settled before class starts.


Here's the latest TACO Drewsday video! Join Drew every Tuesday afternoon on Facebook Live as he Teaches Athletes to Conquer Obstacles. Last week, we discussed returning from injury, including his own experience of being injured. Join us this week on Wednesday just after 1pm as we head over to Benchmark Physical Therapy and continue the conversation with DPT Mark Powers.

We are taking a step down in weights this week and focusing on sets of 10. NEXT week we will be doing our first 1RM test week of the season. I can't wait. Workouts next week will be fast and furious because we want to focus on lifting.

THIS week, monday is a beautiful triplet of wall ball, hspu, and power cleans.

Tuesday is a sprint session with Pull-ups, KB Swings and Burpees.

Wednesday should be familiar. We did the same format as last week, but this week it is relayed OHS first then row second. Less total rounds and a little bit longer row highlight this WOD.

Thursday is a little fun AMRAP of TTB and push-ups. The time increases over several intervals.

Friday is our last hero WOD of September. Level 1 and 2 will do a variation of LUGO without rope climbs. Level 3 will perform rope climbs and Muscle-ups. Each group will ground to overhead and some sort of vertical pulling.

Saturday- Crossfit Benchmark Annie, with lunges in between each set.

Need some extra 1-on-1? Private coaching is available for all of our athletes. Maybe it's to clean up snatch or clean up your diet. Your coach is available for extra 1-on-1 time by appointments. $40 per 30 minute session, $60 per hour session.

KIDS! Kids classes are back in action:

  • Grades 1-5th meet Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:00 and Saturdays 10:15 - 10:45.

  • Grades 6th - 12th meet Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 3:30 to 4:15.


Friday September 29th - Athlete Appreciation Day

Saturday October 7th - First Saturday Friend Fest 9am and 11am

Saturday October 14th - Festivus Games

Friday November 10th - no PM Classes (Gobble Games set up)

Saturday November 11th - Gobble Games


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


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