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All the fit stuff happening soon

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

I have been in the fitness game for a long time. Through the last 15 years of training myself and others I have learned so much. It has been a while since I have felt like a beginner at something physical. I forgot. I forgot how it felt to be pure and without knowledge. I stepped out recently in a couple of different ventures. It is scary. The fight or flight syndrome is REAL. You can either be so overwhelmed by how much you don't know and paralyze yourself. OR you can start to slowly chip away at things and gain an understanding over time. Slowly chipping away makes for lasting change! Enjoy the process. Embrace the challenge.


Here's the latest of Taco Drew's Day Live video: Becoming a World Class Leader:


Remember December Challenge - We are now underway in week 2!

Caleigh tells you all about how to get your points for this week here:

Also, please make sure that your social media posts are on your personal page, not the social club! If you still would like to jump in on a team it's not to late to start racking up points! Just sign up at and we'll help you find team.

Good To Go! Head over to and use the code: DOLPHIN17 for 15% off your first order! (Please be sure to look through the listed ingredients before ordering if you have any food allergies as their products are prepared on shared equipment.)

  • Order by Friday at 4:30pm for any delivery day the following week (Mon, Wed, or Fri)

  • Order by Wed at 4:30 pm for Friday delivery.

Save The Date: HPA HOLIDAY PARTY - "Home for the Holidays" will be happening on Friday December 29th. No kids. No gym clothes.

Need your help....there are some retail items that have been taken and we have no idea who you are by your handwriting (or by the blank line....). Please be sure to write your full first and last name so that it could be read. Alex is new at this and appreciates your help.

Congrats Mike M on signing the 100 class banner! Keep up the great training!


Happy December. I can't believe we are almost done with 2017. The open is right around the corner. The Workout days will start to de-emphasize heavy slow lifting. We will start to focus more on the olympic movements and their derivatives. Met-cons will be geared toward developing the OPEN specific energy system time domains. this period in our program is all about YOU putting in effort. try to get as much out of training as possible. leave every day having given 100%.

Monday- back Squats for some reps then a SPICY metcon with front squat and burpees.

Tuesday - squat snatch technique day followed by a partner EMOM with deadlifts and dips.

Wednesday- technique building day on split jerks followed by a REALLY fun play off of Karen.

Thursday- Is engine building day. LONG emom with row calories and rounds of cindy. looking for 40 min of work today.

Friday- work up to a heavy hang power clean then sit-ups, burpees and light GRACE. The december challenge folks will be scored on total team time.

Saturday- Amazing partner chipper with a bookended long row

Mastery Class this Saturday 11am. HPA members are invited to join us for a training class. Same WOD, cool peeps, new coaches. This is part of their learning process and the more people that participate the better. Athletes with a 2x or 3x per week membership can take this class as a bonus to your weekly class limit.

Semi-Annual PTs - Just a reminder we want EVERY athlete to get in a semi-annual Private Training session every 6 months. This is included in your membership. It's a chance to check in on nutrition and strategies for the holidays. We'll revisit and hone in on goals, and then wrap up by giving you personalized homework - skills and drills to be working on. It does get busy in January and will be more difficult to get in with your coach then.

Pre-class prep - Remember that you that you are encouraged to come to class early and move around a bit or mobilize on your own. On weeks like this week when we are lifting heavy, many of us need a little extra stretching and mobilizing prior to the start of class and you are encouraged to do so. Also, the coach for that class will be on the floor to answer questions about scaling or focusing the workout for you individually. It's best to talk about this before class and much more difficult once class starts.

Need some extra 1-on-1? Private coaching is available for all of our athletes. Maybe it's to clean up snatch or clean up your diet. Your coach is available for extra 1-on-1 time by appointments. $40 per 30 minute session, $60 per hour session.


Friday 12/22 - 6:15 am, 9:00 am, 4:30 pm only

Saturday 12/23 - 7:30 and 9:00 am only

Monday 12/25 0 CLOSED

Tuesday 12/26 - 6:15 am, 9:00 am, 4:30 pm only (no kids class)

Wednesday 12/27 - 6:15 am, 9:00 am, 4:30 pm only (no kids class)

Thursday 12/28 - normal

Friday - 12/29 - no PM Classes, join us at 7pm for our annual Holiday Party!

Saturday - normal

Monday - New Year's Day - 9am ONLY

Tuesday 1/2 - no 9am class


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


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