Community Updates December 18, 2017

All the fit stuff happening soon

Friday and Saturday are limited schedule this week. Friday - 6:15 am, 9:00 am, and 4:30pm only. Saturday - All Levels at 7:30 and 9:00am only

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

My goal for the gym for the rest of the year...

Focus on presence more than presents.

Being there IS the gift. It's better than any physical gift. People don't want a perfect gift they want perfect presence.


Taco Drew's Day - Perspective, Yo.


Remember December Challenge - We are now underway in week 4!

January Schedule Change - beginning January 13th, there will no longer be an 11:00 am all levels class on Saturday. It is being replaced with the Momentum Builder Sweat Sesh for Momentum Builder participants.

Momentum Builder 2018

It's time to raise your game. You work hard in the gym, but healthy habits outside the gym will help you reap huge rewards. As we get closer to the Open - your performance now depends more than ever on recovery - nutrition, sleep, hydration, and mobility. Momentum Builder 2018 officially kicks off with a Rally on January 6th. All athletes should have received an email last week with details, but you can also see details and register here:

January First Saturday Friend Fest

Is happening on Saturday January 6th at 9am and 11am. The 11am will also be the first Sweat Sesh for all our Momentum Builder participants.

Hold Policy Update - Each of you should have received an email last week regarding an update to our hold policy and renewal policy. The hold policy will take effect on January 1st, 2018 and is in effect on memberships the began after September 1st, 2017. The updated policy is that a membership hold must be at least 1 month long in one of the following three circumstances 1.) sustained injury or illness with a physician recommendation 2.) maternity leave 3.) military training or deployment. We encourage our athletes to stay committed to their fitness while on vacation and are here to help before and after so that you can do just that.

Vacation Guide - Check out the Hyperformance Vacation Guide 2.0 with strategies and bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere. (If you do one on the road - make sure to take a pic and post in the social club!) Feel free to share.

Good To Go! Good to Go meals will be closed the last week in December.

Head over to and use the code: DOLPHIN17 for 15% off your first order! (Please be sure to look through the listed ingredients before ordering if you have any food allergies as their products are prepared on shared equipment.)

  • Order by Friday at 4:30pm for any delivery day the following week (Mon, Wed, or Fri)

  • Order by Wed at 4:30 pm for Friday delivery.

Save The Date: HPA HOLIDAY PARTY - "Home for the Holidays" will be happening on Friday December 29th at April Mundy's House. e-vite to follow. No kids. No gym clothes.

Athlete Spotlight! Check out our athlete spotlight this week with current Ambassador and 6:15 sunshine - Erin Wren:


Countdown to Christmas...We're gonna work backwards through this week....

  • Saturday - 12 Days of Christmas! You don't want to miss this annual favorite. No 11am Class.

  • Friday - Bring the fun and laughter - you're in for a few surprises during Learn and Play New Sports Game Day. We promise, no dodgeball. Wear red. Skeleton Schedule (see below).

  • Thursday - you get to practice double unders and handstand walks.

  • Wednesday - prepare yourself for a Open-esque like WOD with snatches and TTB.

  • Tuesday - increasing weight clean complex and fun partner interval wod.


Friday 12/22 - normal Friday Class times

Saturday 12/23 - 7:30 and 9:00 am only, no 11 am

Monday 12/25 - CLOSED

Tuesday 12/26 - 6:15 am, 9:00 am, 4:30 pm only (no kids class)

Wednesday 12/27 - 6:15 am, 9:00 am, 4:30 pm only (no kids class)

Thursday 12/28 - (CHANGED) - 6:15 am, 9:00 am, and 4:30 pm (no kids class)

Friday - 12/29 - normal AM schedule, no PM Classes, join us at 7pm for our annual Holiday Party!

Saturday 12/30 - 11am ONLY!!!

Monday - New Year's Day - 9am ONLY

Tuesday 1/2 - 615am, 9am, and 430pm ONLY!!!


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


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