Community Updates January 1, 2018

All the fit stuff happening soon

Functional fitness at it's games!

Isn't it great to have a normal week! Just a reminder that there is no longer an 11am All Levels Class on Saturdays.

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

I don't believe in Luck. "Luck" is when opportunity meets preparation. Start preparing now so that when the opportunity comes, you will be ready, NOT lucky.



I'll just leave this right here. Saturday Showdown details here.

Congratulations to Rudolph and the Misfits on winning the Remember to December Challenge!!

January 20th Friend Fest

We're hosting 2 Friend Fests in the month of January. Feel free to invite as many friends as you like at 9am on January 20th. Friends must arrive BEFORE class starts. The Whole Life Challenge Huddle and Kick-off will happen immediately following at 10am.

Good To Go Meals!

Head over to and use the code: DOLPHIN17 for 15% off your first order! (Please be sure to look through the listed ingredients before ordering if you have any food allergies as their products are prepared on shared equipment.)

  • Order by Friday at 4:30pm for any delivery day the following week (Mon, Wed, or Fri)

  • Order by Wed at 4:30 pm for Friday delivery.

Athlete Spotlight! Check out our athlete spotlight this week with 4:30 always-in-beast-mode Rose!


Whole Life Challenge begins on January 20th. Join our team and have fun practicing 7 habits to raise your game in 2018.

We are getting back to full swing this week. Time to knock the rust off from our forced rest.

Monday we will do a clean complex, strict pull-up work, then a very quick metcon with pull-ups, burpees and squat cleans.

Tuesday we will work on strict dips. The metcon will be kb swings, wall walk-ups and gasser runs inside.

Wednesday we have a snatch complex with a team station workout. 1 round of cindy, hang power snatch , and AAB calories are on the menu.

Thursday we have an individual EMOM with HSPU, Row cals, and box jump overs.

Friday is another Open tester. This one has Burpees, OHS, and Muscle-ups.

Saturday is all the Crossfit. We have 10 movements done chipper style with a twist.


Saturday 1/20 - Whole Life Challenge Huddle and measurements, 10am

Pre-challenge WOD / sweat sesh 11am

February 22nd - OPENS START!


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


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