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All the fit stuff happening soon

This Saturday is Friend Fest at 9am! The class is free for anyone ready to see what the Hype is all about. Come early to claim your spot.

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

What got you here won't get you there. People unwilling to change usually fall behind. Change however is simple. EVERY decision is a chance to change. Choose wisely.

Check our Drew's TACO Drew's day post:



Welcome to the fit fam Lance, Chris, Kellie, Aharoon!

Remember, letters the Hummeldorfs are due this Wednesday.

January 20th Friend Fest

We're hosting 2 Friend Fests in the month of January. Feel free to invite as many friends as you like at 9am on January 20th. Friends must arrive BEFORE class starts. The Whole Life Challenge Huddle and Kick-off will happen immediately following at 10am.

Momentum Builder - remember to set a time to get with your coach to measure your body composition. On Saturday we will measure waist and hip at the WLC kickoff BUT will not be able to measure body composition on Saturday. You must make an appointment.

Whole Life Challenge (Not Whole 30!) Guys, the 6-week, prep for the Opens is beginning this Saturday, January 20th with the Whole Life Challenge. Each day during the challenge you will be accountable for nutrition, mobility, sleep, hydration, activity, and reflection - ALL the Things you need to be doing to get healthier so you can get fitter. Join our team here:

We officially kickoff the WLC this Saturday at 10am (huddle) and Measurements from 10:30 - 11:00, and the workout at 11am.

You can use the same link to invite friends and family to do it with you. No matter where they are!

Saturday Showdown - It's the Crossfit Open - Hyperformance Style! Each year we do the Open workouts together as a team. This year we will host the Open workout each week on Saturdays (except for the week of St. Pats). That means regular classes on Friday and Monday. If you've been around the last couple of years then you know that fun and victories are happening all over the place during the Open. You do NOT need to be registered for the actual Crossfit Open to participate in Saturday Showdown, but you DO have to be registered for Saturday Showdown to participate in the Open at HPA. If you want your score validated for inclusion in the worldwide leaderboard, you will need to sign up for both. The T-shirt deadline for registration is Friday February 9th.

Registration is open - see all the Saturday Showdown details here.

Saturday Showdown Sponsorships also available. Deadline is February 5th. Contact Caleigh for details.

Moms with Strollers (and little ones) - depending on the size and what is involved in class we reserve the right to reposition strollers and child-containment areas :). We appreciate your flexibility. We just want to ensure the best service for all of our athletes and the safety of your little ones.


Whole Life Challenge begins on January 20th. Join our team and have fun practicing 7 habits to raise your game in 2018.

What's coming up this week -

  • Monday is a gymnastic focus. Practice TTB then throw Double unders, sit-ups and wall balls into a lot of reps.

  • Tuesday is an amazing interval day. Rowing, clean and jerks, then burpees. The intervals get lighter as the time goes on.

  • Wednesday is super simple... running and a really cool spin on deadlifts.

  • Thursday the format is back by popular demand... the TEAMMOM. Some higher skill movements mixed with Air Assault bike. WOOOOOOOO

  • Friday is another Open tester. We bring back 12.5. Thrusters and CTB pull-ups in a ladder format.

  • Saturday is the WLC kick-off. The WOD is an AMRAP with a little running and some bodyweight stuff.

Should be a fun week.

Remember the coaching staff is here for private coaching as well. Ask your coach for more details.


Saturday 1/20 - 9am - Friend Fest (the workout is also the WLC kickoff workout)

10 am - Whole Life Challenge Huddle and measurements,

11 am - Pre-challenge WOD / sweat sesh 11am

February 22nd - OPENS START!


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


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