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All the fit stuff happening soon

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

I will live my life as a positive influence as much as I possibly can. This overwhelming positivity should not be confused with naiveté. I do not live in a bubble. There are bad people in the world. My positivity comes from my reaction to those people. I choose to live the best I can. It is not perfect, but I am always striving to be better. How are you going to live today?

Check our Drew's TACO Drew's day post: Excuses!



Welcome to the fit fam Jake, Machlin, and Katie!

Saturday Showdown - It's the Crossfit Open - Hyperformance Style! Each year we do the Open workouts together as a team. I think this photo says it all. Check out our throwback videos from previous years here:

Our goal to have 50 HPA athletes registered by the end of today!!!

Deadline for sponsors (that's the only way to get your banner hung in the gym all year, btw) is February 5th. Contact Caleigh for more details. Sponsorship packet

Just a reminder - you DO NOT need to be registered for the actual Crossfit Open to participate in Saturday Showdown, but if you would like to participate in the worldwide leaderboard then register there as well and we we will be happy to validate your score. Everyone DOES have to be registered for the HPA Saturday Showdown to participate in the Open at HPA. The T-shirt deadline for registration is Friday February 9th.

Registration and details here.

Momentum Builder Events

  • Culinary Ninja Clinic - Sunday 1/28 afternoon (TimeTBD)

  • Upper Body Mobility Seminar with Jared - Wednesday 1/31 5:30pm

Whole Life Challenge It's not too late to jump in! We've officially kicked off the Whole Life Challenge and have a stunning number of athletes participating. The kick off event Saturday was a ton of fun. Friday is the last day you jump in. Join our team here: and talk to a coach about doing the prelim measurements and workout.

Super Sunday Superbowl Party! Since so many of our athletes are committed to eating well and staying dry through the Opens we're hosting a Superbowl party just for you. Initially this was for those doing the Whole Life Challenge, but we want to invite our entire HPA family. Join us on Sunday Feb 4th at the Mercer House at Grove Point Plantation to watch the game together. It's potlock style so bring a WLC-compliant dish to share (lifestyle or performance level). HPA will provide non-alcoholic beverages. Bring the family. If you'd like to explore the plantation and get to hear about the history of the house come as early as 4:30. Pre-game activities at 6pm and kick-off at 6:30. 2298 Grove Point Rd.

Moms with Strollers (and little ones) - depending on the size and what is involved in class we reserve the right to reposition strollers and child-containment areas :). We appreciate your flexibility. We just want to ensure the best service for all of our athletes and the safety of your little ones.

Letters for Mark's Family - since we've received very few letters for Mark's family we've extended the deadline one final time. If you'd like to share with Mark's wife, son, and arriving-soon daughter the impact that Mark had on you and the members of this gym, please give your letter to Drew no later than Wednesday of this week. Happy Birthday Mark!

Check out this week's athlete spotlight - SuperMom Kathleen A!

Rate Change For 5 Class Packs - currently athletes with a 2 or 3x per week membership may may purchase extra classes at $50 for 5. As of February 15th this rate will change to $70 for 5. Athletes are welcome to purchase multiple class packs at the $50 rate until Feb 15th.


We have some great training planned this week!

  • Monday is Heavy push press and then a try at 18.0 with DB snatch and burpees.

  • Tuesday is Mark HummelDorf's birthday, so... Pull ups OHS, and Double Unders are on the menu.

  • Wednesday the weather should be nice, so we are going to throw in a Max aerobic power day with some light weight kb, bodyweight movements and running.

  • Thursday the TEAMom format is back with a very Open feeling wod. Rowing, HSPU, deadlifts, and Dips.

  • Friday the week starts to wind down with a variation of an Open WOD we saw last year. DB lunges, bmu/ttb, and Db power cleans.

  • Saturday is a cool partner chipper format. Each partner gets 30 sec to do as much work as possible.

Remember the coaching staff is here for private coaching as well, especially if you have a skill or two you'd like some brushing up on before the Open. Ask your coach for more details.


Sunday 1/28 - Culinary Ninja Skills with Chef Sam (Momentum Builder participants only)

Wednesday 1/31 - Lower Body Mobility Clinic (Momentum Builder participants only)

Saturday 2/3 - First Saturday Friend Fest - 9am only

Sunday 2/4 - Superbowl Potluck Party at Grove Point Plantation (WLC compliant food only, please no alcohol)

Tuesday 2/6 - February Small Group Fundamentals Begin

Friday 2/9 - Deadline to register for Saturday Showdown with guaranteed shirt.

February 22nd - OPENS START!


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


PS - These guys are AMAZING!!!! And you can pick up your meals right here.

Use the code: DOLPHIN17 for 15% off your first order!

  • Order by Friday at 4:30pm for any delivery day the following week (Mon, Wed, or Fri)

  • Order by Wed at 4:30 pm for Friday delivery.

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