Community Updates February 19th, 2018

All the fit stuff happening soon

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

The Open might and often does have one or more defining moments for you as an athlete. However, the OPEN DOES NOT DEFINE you. Be confident in the skills/strengths you have developed over the last year. Use the Open as an opportunity to put yourself out there and see what happens. It is okay to be Exervous about the open. Anxiety about the unknown happens often. WE WILL NOT BE SCARED. It really doesn't matter what the workout is. Your best effort is and always will be good enough.

Here's the latest TACO Drew's Day post - Fear, Variables, and Regret



Welcome to the fit fam Zack B! And welcome back Scotty C!


The first workout, 18.1, will be announced LIVE at Thursday night at 8pm (of course, Drew will be watching the announcement here at the box). If you want to submit a score to the worldwide leaderboard make sure you additionally register for the Opens on the Games page and mark Crossfit Hyperformance as your team.

The theme for Week 1 is 70s baby! Come in your best (workout-able) iconic 70s attire. Our amazing ambassadors will have the playlist and decor ready to go. You bring the fun.

In order to make sure this event is a positive experience for all our athletes, please keep in mind some logistics regarding Saturday Showdown:

  • Heat sign up is MANDATORY. If you show up Saturday without signing up for a heat time you will be added at the end.

  • Heat sign up will go LIVE via a link on our Facebook page and email every Friday at 12 NOON. Times are first come first serve.

  • Athletes need to arrive 30 minutes before their heat time to check in. You will meet with that heat's coach and everyone in that heat will warm-up together and complete a final brief before the heat starts.

  • Please do not park on 70th St. You can utilize other side streets, the parking lot, and neighboring lots, but do not park on 70th.

  • Please only bring in necessary gear. There will not be room for large gym bags.

  • PARENTS WITH KIDS - If you choose to bring kids with you, they need to be under YOUR direct supervision (line of sight) for the entire event. Please delegate another athlete, friend, or family member to be responsible for your kid or kids while you warmup and workout. Just being in the office is not sufficient. No kids will be allowed to touch ANY equipment during the event, except for kids participating in the kids class at 10:15 and only during that time. Prior to and immediately following the kids class, parents are responsible for their children. The cost of participating in the kids class during Saturday Showdown is the same as a regular kids class, $10 per visit or $100 for 10, or included in the family membership. The minimum age for crossfit kids is 1st grade.

  • Athletes are asked to be willing to judge in a heat before or after your own. The online judges course through is not required, however it is open to any athlete that would like to take it. If you print out your certificate we will put it on the wall and utilize you more if you love to judge :)

  • If you know in advance that you are unable to make any heat times on Saturday you may arrange a time on either Friday or Monday with any of the coaches to judge your workout. This must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance. Warm up is on your own, be prepared to start the workout at the time you've arranged. If you want more in depth warm-up, strategy, or skill work before the workout, then this should be scheduled as a private coaching session so we can compensate the coach for their time accordingly.

  • Fridays are regular class days and will include some skill work and strategy. It's a good plan to come in and move around and sweat the day before.

New Athletes - This 5 week event is Open to ALL Hyperformance Athletes. Each Saturday (except St. Pats) we will do the Crossfit Games Open Workout. There is an Rx, Scaled, and Masters divisions. Whether you submit scores to the Games website is up to you, but we encourage every HPA athlete to get in the game and participate. Registration is still open, even the the T-shirt deadline is past and costs $25. We need volunteers too - and if you prefer to be involved that way please let Caleigh know.

Check out Coach Caleigh's post from last week with the Lowdown on the Showdown. Caleigh explains why we've chosen to switch things ups this year to Saturdays, the kids heat, and what to do if you absolutely can't make any of the heat times on Saturday.



Registration and more details here.

Thank you to our sponsors! Service Master Restore, Audiology and Hearing Aid Services LLC, CryoRecovery Savannah, Advertising Specialty Services, Keller Williams - Penny Flowers, Chatham Orthopaedic Associates, Thomas and Hutton, and Inventure IT

Whole Life Challenge

Thanks to our friends at Latin Chicks for contributing raffle prizes this week! Also all HPA members can get 10% off meals on weekdays and 20% off meals on weekend. (Just ask for a discount card at the front desk) It's healthy, fast, delicious, and right around the corner!

Save the date for Saturday March 3rd for our Whole Life Challenge Finale at 2pm. We'll re-measure and re-test the workout as well give out awards and celebrate your success! Plan to be there! Friends and family are welcome.

Athlete Spotlight

Check out this week's athlete spotlight - Kate Wren

YOGA FOR A CAUSE - Sunday 2/25 @11 am at HPA

Next Sunday, February 25th, we've got a treat for YOU!

Recover from the first Open workout with Nikki Baker of Dancing Dogs Yoga Savannah at 11am for a Fundraising Yoga Session!

Nikki will be running Kilimanjaro for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and our own Heidi (CFL1 Trainer and Hyperformance Athlete) will be shaving her head in support of childhood cancer research and the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

BYOYogaMat and a minimum $10 cash donation at the door. There will be a raffle for some goodies, so bring some extra cash for raffle tickets! Let us know if you're coming and find more donation details at

First FRIDAY Friend Fest

Since the gym will be rock'n with Showdown on Saturday we've moved First Saturday Friend Fest to Friday March 2st. It's a great way to get co-workers out of the office on Friday! ALL Classes are open for friends, please let them know they need to arrive at least 10 minutes early to fill out a waiver and meet the coach!

Here the shareable facebook event page.

Rise Of The Masters -

Is happening at Crossfit Boro on April 14th. We already have a handful of athletes registered. The divisions are ages 40-47 and 47+, both Rx and Scaled. We'd love to see ALL our athletes participate or be there showing support. There will only be one class at 7:30 that day.


Weekly Preview

Welcome to the Open. Saturday Showdown is upon us.

  • Monday- we will do an open tester based off of last year's 55s WOD. Deadlift, Wall Ball, Row cals, and HSPU.

  • Tuesday- we have some team work. AAB, double unders, and pull-up/muscle-up work.

  • Wednesday- we have a classic crossfit workout... Elizabeth. 21-15-9 power cleans and ring dips.

  • Thursday- Open WOD 18.1 gets released tonight at 8pm. Our focus is going to be more aerobic with a version of the Hero WOD "Michael". Running, Sit-ups, and hip extensions.

  • Friday- Today is a Pre Saturday Showdown run through. The movement will be simple, but we still want the intensity to be high. This is also a practice session for any skill that may give you trouble on Saturday.


  • Nighttime Recovery is back in circulation and will be making a re-appearance later this week. This products helps with sleep quality by allowing your body to get into a deeper stage where many recovery processes occur. Wake up ready to tackle 18.1! Read more here.

  • SFH has changed the formula for it's Recovery Protein mix. This updated formula features better total joint-health complex as well as added branched chain amino acids and CoQ10 for endurance. With these improvements the new price is $74. 95.


Saturday 2/24 - Saturday Showdown week 1 9am - until

Friday 3/2 - First Friday Friends Fest - all regular class times

Saturday 3/3 - Saturday Showdown week 2 9am - until

Saturday 3/3 - Whole Life Challenge / Momentum Builder Finale 2pm

Saturday 3/10 - Saturday Showdown week 3 9am - until

Saturday 3/17 - St. Patrick's Day 1 REGULAR CLASS (time TBD), 18.4 workout held in Friday classes

Saturday 3/24 - Saturday Showdown week 5 9am - until

Saturday 4/14 - Rise of the Masters at Crossfit Boro

Correction - Saturday 4/21st - Semi-annual Gym Improvement Day. Class at 7:30 am only, then bring whatever building, cleaning, painting, or organizing skills you have and enjoy lunch on us.

February 22nd - OPENS START! Week 1 Announcement!


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


PS - These guys are AMAZING!!!! And you can pick up your meals right here.

Use the code: DOLPHIN17 for 15% off your first order!

  • Order by Friday at 4:30pm for any delivery day the following week (Mon, Wed, or Fri)

  • Order by Wed at 4:30 pm for Friday delivery.

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