Community Updates March 5, 2018

All the fit stuff happening soon

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

I don't know what it is like to be you. I don't have your life experiences. I don't have your struggles. I don't have your successes. I have my own life experiences. I have my own struggles. I have my own successes. I won't stand behind you to support you. I will stand side by side WITH you because even though we don't share the same life, we SHARE LIFE. I stand with you BECAUSE you are human and I can empathize. Everyone has dents. Everyone is fighting something. It is time we realize that. I get to love people because they are different. In our differences we show how similar we really are.


In case you missed it, here's Drew's latest TACO - Teaching Athletes to Conquer Obstacles Video - Money Matters

A new video is posted on Facebook Live every Tuesday morning!


Welcome to the fit Fam! Louise, Jorge, and Matt!

Crossfit Hyperformance and Coach Caleigh have been nominated in the Savannah Morning News Best of the Best (Coastal Empire edition) in the Best gym category and best personal trainer category. You can vote daily until March 15th.


Kids's Update - (Even if you don't have kids please read)

Here's what we are trying to avoid....there are 30 seconds left in the Open workout and you not only CRUSHING it, but about to hit a new PR. Suddenly you hear that voice of your beloved little one, who just bumped their head, and he ONLY wants you. To your horror (and everyone else's) they run in front of three other athletes and under a barbell to get you. It happened so fast no one could stop it. Your workout is ruined and few other athletes as well.

Parents, please don't miss understand me. We WANT your kids to see you participate and we want them to participate if they are old enough to. We also want to ensure everyone's safety and best performance.

YOU MUST be within arms reach of your child at all times. If you can't be because you are warming up or working out you MUST designate an adult to be within arms reach at all times. Athletes without kids - we need your help - it takes a village! Please be willing to help if another athlete asks.

The last two weeks the McKenzie's hired a teenager to watch the coach's kids in the office. We did this so that the coaches could be fully engaged with you. It was never intended for our helpers to watch everyone's kids, and they were really overwhelmed.

BUT - we are here to help. So for week 3 we will try something a little different. There will be two helpers here. If you want for their help as well, they will be available. We are asking you to pitch in with the cost at $5 per child. Only kids who have paid and signed in will be allowed in the office. There are a few conditions though. 1.) They need to sign in, there will be a sheet on the office door. 2.) They need to follow directions and stay in the designated areas (we're hoping the workout and weather allows for more than just the office - but we have no control over those factors). 3.) Water is the only liquid allowed in the office. 4.) You may want to bring snacks for them as many were complaining of being hungry this past week.

If those conditions cannot be met, we reserve the right to turn them back over to you at any point.

Thank you to everyone for your help!

CryoRecovery 5 Pack Give Away - athletes can enter to win a 5 session give away from CryoRecovery. One session purchase is required. Receive a treatment before the last day of the Open to be entered into the drawing.

Please also remember that if you know you will not be able to make Saturday to set up a time in advance with a coach. Plan to arrive 20-30 minutes to warm-up on your own before that time.

As we rock through the decades, the theme for Week 3 is 90s! We love to see everyone dressed up in their most fun workout gear!

The workout will be announced LIVE at each Thursday night at 8pm (of course, Drew will be watching the announcement here at the box). If you want to submit a score to the worldwide leaderboard make sure you additionally register for the Opens on the Games page and mark Crossfit Hyperformance as your team. Drew will validate scores on Sunday and Tuesday morning. If you submit a score and don't see it right away please don't panic, it must be validated first. As long as it's submitted before Monday at 8pm you are okay.

NOTE TIME CHANGE - Heat sign up will happen again on Friday at 11 am via Sign-up Genius. The link will be emailed to everyone registered BEFORE being put up on facebook.

Thank you to our sponsors! Service Master Restore, Audiology and Hearing Aid Services LLC, CryoRecovery Savannah, Advertising Specialty Services, Keller Williams - Penny Flowers, Chatham Orthopaedic Associates, Thomas and Hutton, and Inventure IT

Rise Of The Masters -

Is happening at Crossfit Boro on April 14th. We already have a handful of athletes registered. The divisions are ages 40-47 and 47+, both Rx and Scaled. We'd love to see ALL our athletes participate or be there showing support. There will only be one class at 7:30 that day.


Weekly Preview

Here we go. Week 3 of the Open. The first 2 WODs have been so much fun.

  • Monday- Today we get to snatch heavy. We then are going to hang snatch and TTB in an increasing ladder AMRAP.

  • Tuesday- we have a great grip training emom. after the emom, we are going to do some interval work with Deadlifts, burpees, and rowing.

  • Wednesday- Some technique clean work kicks things off. Then we have a "cardio" into gymnastic practice. The WOD is a sprint chipper. Wall Balls, Step-ups, Pull-ups, Push Press, and then cals.

  • Thursday- heavy walking lunges (step ups if class is huge). The WOD is a fun run. AMRAP running and increasing rep kb swings.

  • Friday- skills and drills for 18.3, then an EMOM style gymnastic WOD based off of what the open gives us.

Saturday- Showdown 90s theme.


  • Check out our SAMPLE BUNDLE - perfect for Open Season. Each bundle features samples of Mg, O3, D3, different flavors of Ascent and SFH protein, and new spark flavors. It's a great way to try new things without committing to the entire bottle/bag.

  • Nighttime Recovery is back in circulation and is flying off the shelves! This products helps with sleep quality by allowing your body to get into a deeper stage where many recovery processes occur. Wake up ready to tackle the Open or whatever your day brings you. Read more here.

  • SFH has changed the formula for it's Recovery Protein mix. This updated formula features better total joint-health complex as well as added branched chain amino acids and CoQ10 for endurance. With these enhancements, the new price is $74.95.


Saturday 3/10 - Saturday Showdown week 3 9am - until

Saturday 3/17 - St. Patrick's Day 1 REGULAR CLASS (time TBD), 18.4 workout held in Friday classes

Saturday 3/24 - Saturday Showdown week 5 9am - until

Saturday 4/7 - First Saturday Friend Fest at 9am!

Saturday 4/14 - Rise of the Masters at Crossfit Boro

Saturday 4/21st - Semi-annual Gym Improvement Day. Class at 7:30 am only, then bring whatever building, cleaning, painting, or organizing skills you have and enjoy lunch on us.


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


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