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All the fit stuff happening soon

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

"It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men." -Frederick Douglass

This sentence rings true to me this morning. I have been given a great responsibility. I have been given 2 sons. I have also been given hundreds of men and women whom I hold their respect. I have been tasked with showing both groups how to "Be a man".

Being a man is NOT some machismo driven stoicism. Being a man is NOT a multitude of sexual conquests and feats of strength. Being a man is NOT being the best athlete no matter the cost.

Being a man is showing relentless unwavering LOVE and compassion in even the toughest of times. Being a man is giving more than you get. Being a man is surrounding yourself with people who build you up. Being a man is tearing down the emotional walls we build up and showing true vulnerability. In our vulnerability we can become even stronger than ever thought possible. Being a man is SHOWING unconditional love to their mother and STAYING together even when times get tough. Being a man is sometimes simply SHOWING UP and just being there. Presence is the best present. Being a man is having a role model you look up to. Being a man is ASKING for advice from people smarter than you.

I GET to show my boys how to be a man. I GET to be an example to the other men in my life. I GET to show that BEING a man in this culture is nothing to be ashamed about. I am not broken. You are not broken. We simply need to be released from this cage we are in.

WHO are you being the example for? Someone IS ALWAYS WATCHING. When we teach boys HOW to be MEN, our society changes for the better. Who are you teaching today?


In case you missed it, here's Drew's latest TACO - Teaching Athletes to Conquer Obstacles Video - Money Matters

A new video is posted on Facebook Live every Tuesday morning!


Welcome to the fit Fam! Josh J and Joef B!

This week's athlete spotlight - Guillermo M!

3 days left to vote!!! Crossfit Hyperformance and Coach Caleigh have been nominated in the Savannah Morning News Best of the Best (Coastal Empire edition) in the Best gym category and best personal trainer category. You can vote daily until March 15th.


It's week 4 and we're going green on FRIDAY in honor of St. Pats. Please note, 18.4 will be done this Friday in class (NOT ON SATURDAY). Please watch the announcement on Thursday night and read through the workout description and standards at before you come to class that day. On Saturday, there will be one regular class at 9am for those of you not going downtown. There will be no 18.4 on Saturday. There is no heat sign up this week, just come into class.

Remember that if you need to make an appointment with a coach to do an open workout, that you need to be ready to start the workout at that time. A 10:15 appointment means 3-2-1-Go at 10:15. Come 20 to 30 minutes earlier than that to warm up.

CryoRecovery 5 Pack Give Away - athletes can enter to win a 5 session give away from CryoRecovery. One session purchase is required. Receive a treatment before the last day of the Open to be entered into the drawing.

As we rock through the decades, the theme this week is GREEN. Next week, week 5, will be rock'n through the 2000s. We love to see everyone dressed up in their most fun workout gear!

Thank you to our sponsors! Service Master Restore, Audiology and Hearing Aid Services LLC, CryoRecovery Savannah, Advertising Specialty Services, Keller Williams - Penny Flowers, Chatham Orthopaedic Associates, Thomas and Hutton, and Inventure IT

First Saturday Friend Fest!

Saturday April 7th - Bring your bestie to sweat it out with you! The 9am class is open to anyone who wants to see what they hype is about. Friends must arrive 10 minutes before the start time to participate. Remember you are their host - so make sure to introduce them to the coaches and other athletes. There is a sharable event page with more details here:

Rise Of The Masters -

Is happening at Crossfit Boro on April 14th. We already have a handful of athletes registered. The divisions are ages 40-47 and 47+, both Rx and Scaled. We'd love to see ALL our athletes participate or be there showing support. There will only be one class at 7:30 that day.

Whole Life Challenge - Workplace Edition

Will be starting on April 14th. We had such an amazing success with WLC inside the gym, that this next round we are taking it out to our local businesses. So if you'd like to get your workplace involved, this is your chance. The cost is $39 per person before March 28th and includes a free on-site kick- off seminar, preliminary event, finale event, and weekly sweat sessions at HPA. We recommend that individuals register/pay themselves and encourage the business to provide prizes and incentives. For more details visit our page Link to register:

April 14th - 7:30 am class only

HPA will closed on Saturday April 14th after the 7:30am class, as we are teaching a CEU course for High School and College Sport Coaches. The course will focus an safely teaching and programming basic strength and conditioning movements for student athletes. If you have a child that plays sports and goes into the weight room, please let their coach know about this opportunity. For more details visit here.

April 21st - Gym Improvement Day

Calling all handy dandy souls! Our semi-annual gym improvement day will be held on Saturday April 21st after the 7:30am class. (No classes the rest of the day.) The more hands the better! So bring your building, cutting, painting, nailing skills (or lack there of) and have some fun with the HPA fam putting functional fitness to work. Lunch provided :)

Memorial Day Murph!

Save the date for Monday May 28th for our annual salute to our heroes. You can complete the workout scaled or Rx, or weighted up, as an individual or as a team of 2. There will be two times - 7:00 am and 9:00 am.


Weekly Preview

Welcome to week 4 of the Open. Remember this week we will perform 18.4 IN CLASSES FRIDAY. Be prepared to judge and to workout. We will run 2 heats in each class.

  • Monday- We have heavy back squats and then a very potent couplet. We will increase weight on the Thrusters and get some TTB work in.

  • Tuesday- We will activate the shoulders , then do a version of "Nicole". Medium distance running and either (pull-ups or push-ups in the gym)

  • Wednesday- We have some power snatch+ OHS technique work followed by a super fun partner chipper. Air squats, sit-ups, HSPU, HPSN, floor wipes, and Pistols highlight this medium time domain WOD

  • Thursday- A low volume day prepping for Friday. We will row and then run.

  • Friday- 18.4 in class. Please watch the announcement Thursday night and read the scorecard BEFORE coming to class so you have an idea what we are doing. Wear your best green!

  • Saturday- one 9AM class. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Station work with a good ab cash-out.


  • Check out our SAMPLE BUNDLE - perfect for Open Season. Each bundle features samples of Mg, O3, D3, different flavors of Ascent and SFH protein, and new spark flavors. It's a great way to try new things without committing to the entire bottle/bag.

  • Nighttime Recovery is back in circulation and is flying off the shelves! This products helps with sleep quality by allowing your body to get into a deeper stage where many recovery processes occur. Wake up ready to tackle the Open or whatever your day brings you. Read more here.

  • SFH has changed the formula for it's Recovery Protein mix. This updated formula features better total joint-health complex as well as added branched chain amino acids and CoQ10 for endurance. With these enhancements, the new price is $74.95.


Friday 3/16 - 18.4 in classes

Saturday 3/17 - St. Patrick's Day 1 REGULAR CLASS (time TBD), 18.4 workout held in Friday classes

Saturday 3/24 - Saturday Showdown week 5 9am - until

Saturday 4/7 - First Saturday Friend Fest at 9am!

Saturday 4/14 - Rise of the Masters at Crossfit Boro. One 7:30 am class only.

Saturday 4/21st - Semi-annual Gym Improvement Day. Class at 7:30 am only, then bring whatever building, cleaning, painting, or organizing skills you have and enjoy lunch on us.

Monday May 28th - Memorial Day Murph at 7:00am and 9:00am


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


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