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All the fit stuff happening soon

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

Treat your fitness like earning a black belt in martial arts. Black belts happen after YEARS of showing up day after day and DOING the mundane and monotonous. Black belts MUST create a very firm foundation of the basics. Doing and re-doing the positional work. Over time skill develops and movements become second nature. Then after a while you look up and realize you have earned a black belt. A black belt is simply a white belt that never gives up.


In case you missed it, here's Drew's latest TACO - Teaching Athletes to Conquer Obstacles Video -


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Welcome Jenny P to the HPA fit fam!

Get ready to see some new faces shadowing, assisting, and even coaching in some classes this summer. We're stoked to welcome James Cooper to the HPA team! This video thumbnail does not accurately reflect all the knowledge in James's head :)


Registration is now open at Camp is for rising 1st - 5th graders. This is separate from our regular kids classes, which will keep the same schedule over the summer. Each 2 week session will run Mon-Fri 10am to 11:30. Kids will have a chance to learn healthy habits while paring fitness with fun. Water games, nerf wars, and even the Kona ice truck will be here.

Memorial Day Murph!

Save the date for Monday May 28th for our annual salute to our heroes. You can complete the workout scaled or Rx, or weighted up, as an individual or as a team of 2. There will be two class times - 7:00 am and 9:00 am. The Kona Ice truck will be here after the second wave with proceeds going to Victory Gym the supports our veterans with PTSD. Wear RED!

Murph Kid policy - We do not recommend bringing kids to Murph. ANY child not in a stroller will be required to stay off the floor with gym-provided sitters at $10 per child.

Beach Wod - June 9

Let's officially kick off summer! Head to Tybee with us to sweat and play together on the beach. It's our annual Beach WOD. Friends are welcome. We kick off at 9:30 am, so come with plenty of time to find parking and walk in.

Bring Your DAD To Kids Class

June 16th - Dad's join us for a fun workout with you Elementary - aged kids. Make sure to bring your own nerf gun (we'll provide the bullets). Friends are welcome too.

Inaugural Fluffy Knuckles Lift-Off Event

To honor the life of fellow athlete Mike McFadden, a.k.a Fluffy Knuckles, will take place on Saturday June 30th. There will be no classes that day. The event will consist of a 1-RM Bench, Power Clean, and Back Squat. Registration is required and will be live soon. $10 cash donation at the door to participate.

Marine Corp 10K in DC

Every year, Mark Hummeldorf ran this race in Washington DC to honor his fallen brothers. This October 28th, we'll run to honor him. Then give him a high five in Arlington. It sells out quickly.

Registration is open. Mass transportation may be possible once we have numbers on people going.


We are still going to Tempo this week. The tempo is a little faster with no rest at the top or bottom. We want constant tension throughout the whole movement.

  • Monday: We will deadlift then do a cardio triathlon with a partner

  • Tuesday: will will Mac Press then do a Crossfit benchmark, Barbara. Pull ups, push ups, sit-ups, and squats will be on the menu

  • Wednesday: We will back squat then we have an awesome workout with running and power cleans.

  • Thursday: we have heavy push jerks then a super fun AMRAP with rowing, TTB and wall balls.

  • Friday: we will front squat then do a partner chipper named after the new Han Solo movie.

  • Saturday is our last training day before Murph so we will do intensity row intervals.

Resources Website -

Check it out!

Summer Skill Clinics -

Over the next few weeks you'll be hearing more about some Saturday skill clinics. These are opportunities for our coaches-in-training to hone their presenting skills on various topics in which they want to widen their knowledge base. Each clinic will be supported by one of our full time coaches and free for members.

Saturday - June 2nd - Rowing skill clinic with Billy

Saturday - June 23rd - Clean & Jerk skill clinic with Tana


Monday May 28th - Memorial Day Murph at 7:00am and 9:00am

Saturday - June 2 - skill clinic 10:30 am

Saturday 6/9 - Beach WOD

Saturday 6/16 - Bring Your Dad to Kids Class 10:15

Saturday June 23 - skill clinic 10:30 am

Saturday June 30th - Fluffy Knuckes Lift Off

Wednesday July 4th - 1 class at 9am


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


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