Community Updates June 25, 2018

All the fit stuff happening soon

NO REGULAR CLASSES THIS SATURDAY. Please join us for our Memorial HERO WOD for fellow athlete Mike McFadden, aka Fluffy Knuckles, at 8am (registration required by Thursday 9am).

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

Have you ever been told you think too much? Stop. When learning a new movement or trying a workout for the first time, a lot of us will over analyze the HOW and for get about the WHAT. Sometimes it is okay to just grip it and rip it. See what your body can do. Put yourself in a new headspace. Try to push the limits of your capability.

Then there are some moments when strategy comes into play. This week is a good example of both. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we want you to grip it and rip it. Do big sets, go unbroken, run fast, etc...

Thursday is a strategy day. We want you to try and strategize a PR. What numbers do you need to hit each round to PR? Where can you pick up reps. What is the minimum number of reps per station you need to get? We want to compare your score to what you did in Fundamentals.

All hail Megatron!


Here's Drew's latest TACO Tuesday - Teaching Athletes to Conquer Obstacles Video - Perception

A new TACO Drew's day post is released on Facebook Live each Tuesday.


Welcome back Charlie, Bina, and Chris C!


It's great to be a kids. Here's this week's fun and fit plan....

On the schedule the week of June 23rd:

Monday - Gymnastics Day

Tuesday - Building Day

Wednesday - Crossfit Basics and healthy snack taste testing

Thursday - Water War Day (bring your water gun and a towel)

Friday - Crossfit Olympics

Drop-in for $15/class

1-week - $65

2-week - $115

Register at Classes start at 10:00am and last until 11:30am.

4th of July WOD

There will be one class next Wednesday, July 4th at 9am. It is a regular class, therefore members-only. It is NOT a Bring A Friend Day.

Small Group Fundamental Times For July

Have a friend ready to take the next step?

Starting Monday July 9th we'll be starting a new Small Group Fundamental Class schedule featuring all weekday classes and a later evening option. The July Small Group Fundamentals Class will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Athletes can choose between the 6am and 7pm times.

The 6am class is sold-out in June and we expect the same in July!

Inaugural Fluffy Knuckles Lift-Off Event

To honor the life of fellow athlete Mike McFadden, a.k.a Fluffy Knuckles, will take place on Saturday June 30th. There will be no classes that day. The event will consist of a 1-RM Bench, Power Clean, and Back Squat. $10 suggested cash donation at the door to participate, to be presented to Mike's Family at the end of the event.

Pre-registration by Thursday June 28th is required:

Volunteers needed! There will be a pre-event huddle for volunteers on Thursday June 28th at 7pm (about 30 minutes). Please sign-up to volunteer here:

Spectators are encouraged! Whether you lift, cheer, or volunteer, please come be a part of this community celebration for the life for Fluffy Knuckles.

Marine Corp 10K in DC - deadline this week

Transportation decisions will be made at the end of this week based on the number of people going. So far we have about 15. If you are thinking about going please contact Jen by Wednesday.

Every year, Mark Hummeldorf ran this race in Washington DC to honor his fallen brothers. This October 28th, we'll run to honor him. Then give him a high five in Arlington. It sells out quickly.

Registration is open. Mass transportation may be possible once we have numbers on people going.


Bring a friend month has been a lot of fun. This is the last week. Who is gonna win those shoes?

We have a fun training week ahead with Saturday culminating in the Fluffy Knuckles lifting meet. There is still time to sign up.

Monday we will snatch heavy.

Tuesday we will do a decreasing rep scheme of pull-ups, sit-ups and kettlebell swings.

Wednesday the focus is double unders and bear complexes (clean, front squat, press, back squat, and press)

Thursday is one of our favorite all time benchmark wods, Fight Gone Bad.

Friday is a run, lunge and hspu wod.

Have you seen our new Resources Website?

Check it out! Last week we talked about box squats, rowing more efficiently, programming, and more. These posts are a great sharable resource!


Saturday June 30th - Fluffy Knuckles Lift Off - 8am

Wednesday July 4th - 1 class at 9am (members-only)

Saturday July 7th - First Saturday Friend Fest - 9am


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


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