Community Updates - October 15, 2018


Drew's Words of Wisdom...

Think back to the hardest decision you have ever had to make. Why was it hard? Probably because it had to do with other people. How would they take the news? What would they think of you about the decision? Was it even the right decision? If you have a strong set of core values (things that you hold near and dear to WHO you are as a person and WHO you want to be as a person) decision making is easy. Does the decision ALIGN with your values? If yes, then go for it. If NO, then saying no becomes powerfully easy. Your values will change over time, but using them to make decisions stays.


Taco Drew's Day happens every Tuesday on Facebook Live. Tune-in!


Welcome to the fitfam Hannah!

Happy Birthday!

Joe Rudy (10/15)

Katie Hart (10/18)

Natalie Berry (10/19)

Kickball For A Cause is back!

Who - YOU, your friends, and family

What - good old fashioned kickball

When - 5pm THIS Saturday

Where - Hull Park (55th and Atlantic)

Why? To raise money that helps supports local families with paying bills while their child undergoes cancer treatment. And because kickball is AWESOME!

There is no Georgia Game on Saturday, so bring the family out to Hull Park. Bring a blanket or folding chairs, and drinks/snacks if desired (water provided). Teams will be made at 5pm. Back by popular demand - the Kids Game will be going down too.

Get Your HPA Gear On!

New ladies tank, more RED Shirts, more colors, and even kids! The new HPA Gear Shop is LIVE!

Check it out!

Gobble Games V - November 17th, 2018

Need a partner? Post a request in our private Facebook page - the Crossfit Social Club. The event you've been waiting all year for is open for registration. This M/F partner competition hosted by HPA will be a day of throwing down against teams for across the entire Low Country.

Morning events will be at the gym - classic crossfit style. Afternoon events offsite, at the Chatham County Aquatic Center. Athletes and Volunteers Register is open here:

First Saturday Friend Fest!

November 4th - 9am

Save The Dates

Back to Back HPA Heros - Hummeldorf November 19, Vogeler November 20

HPA Holiday Party Dec 15th.


Registration is still open for HyperStrike. For the next 4 classes participants should have MMA gloves. See the social club for suggested pairs.

CrossFit Striking is an immersive experience that teaches participants how to increase overall fitness, core strength, rotational speed and power by incorporating striking drills into CrossFit workouts. (NON-CONTACT). The HyperStrike course will introduce athletes to proper striking techniques, increasing rotational work, speed, power, accuracy , agility, general preparedness and self protection.Cost is $75 for non-members, and $50 for HPA members. Register here.

WOD Preview

The reason Crossfit works as a methodology is simple. We keep the WODs Constantly Varied, use Functional Movements, and most importantly we work at Relative High Intensity.

Constant Variance- we changed things up often. Types of exercises, times under tension, round numbers, amrap lengths, weights used, etc... There are literally et cetera variables. Our job is to keep the changes noticeable enough to elicit a change but not too big to be considered random. The untimed rounds for monday should look familiar but not the same. Welcome to Variance.

The movements we use are "functional". You will find a similar movement in our regular life. We train those movements so that you are ready for what life throws at you.

The intensity piece is WHY crossfit is so potent. When we say it is okay, we want you to work as hard as you possibly can. On a day like Monday, this plays an important role. Lift heavy, burpee fast and then repeat. The intensity drives the adaptation along with the variance.

  • Monday - untimed rounds of Cleans/Front squat, burpees and handstand holds.

  • Tuesday - WOD we missed last week with snatch, sit-up and double unders. This moves quicker than you would imagine. INTENSITY DAY

  • Wednesday - we are going to work on back squat then a super fast row, push press, pull-up triplet.

  • Thursday - is a little 17.1 feel with running, double unders and db snatch.

  • Friday - longer partner WOD with running and parts of DT-deadlift, hang power clean and push jerk.

  • Saturday - Running AGAIN!- didn't see that coming huh? Long Runs and then High reps of simple movements - TTB, Box Jump, Burpees.


During the Holidays we go to a limited schedule because so many athletes are traveling. By offering only 3 classes we ensure that ALL our coaches get some time off too and that classes are full and fun.

Limited Schedule Days means there will be a 6:15 am, 9:00 am, and 4:30 pm only.

Wednesday Nov. 21 - Limited

Thursday Nov 22 - 9:00 am ONLY

Friday Nov 23 - Limited

Saturday Nov 24 - normal

Mon Dec 24th - AM Classes only. Gym closes at 1pm.

Tues Dec 25 - Closed

Wed Dec 26 - Fri Dec 28 - Limited

Sat Dec 29 - normal

Mon Dec 31 - AM Classes only

Tues Jan 1 - 11:30 AM only


Saturday October 20th - Kickball for a Cause, 5pm (no Ga Football that day:)

Saturday Nov. 17 - GOBBLE GAMES!

Monday Nov. 19 - Hummeldorf Memorial Workout

Tuesday Nov. 20 - Vogeler Memorial Workout

Saturday Dec 15th - HPA HOLIDAY Party!


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


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