Community Updates - November 26th, 2018


- First Saturday Friend Fest at 9am!

- HyperStrike 2.0 begins on Saturday.

- CURE Adopt a family holiday gift drive

- Men's bathroom closure

Please see details below.

Drew's Words of Wisdom...

Food for thought this morning.

"Fortune falls heavily on those for whom she's unexpected. The one always on the lookout easily endures."- Seneca

Prepare yourself. Imagine not only the best cases scenario , but also the worst. This helps you not overreact when either happens. When training for the olympics it has been reported that Michael Phelps trained with water in his goggles from time to time. It is also reported that his coach would rip his goggles off randomly. When this actually happened at the olympic qualifier, he didn't panic... we won gold.

TACO Drew's Day Is Now available on your favorite podcast app. Search for Hyperformance Athletics! Latest Podcast, Gratitude:


This whole week we are assessing a couple of important things: strength, cardio endurance, double under capacity, and HSPU capacity.

  • Monday we are going to take time and build to a heavy 3rm back squat. Then the focus is INTENSITY with a 21-15-9 thruster and TTB.

  • Tuesday we are moving toward open prep with some interval work. Row calories, burpees and pull-ups create a monster of a WOD.

  • Wednesday we are going to work on double under capacity after the warm-up. then we are doing a fun EMOM of AAB, Max HSPU and hang power cleans.

  • Thursday is a long partner chipper. Row, strict pull-ups, kbs, and box jump over.

  • Friday we are going to go overhead and heavy, then a fast fun WOD of running, snatch ,and sit-ups.

  • Saturday is First Saturday Friend fest. Normal class at 7:30, Friends welcome at 9:00am

Row, wall ball, pull-ups/push ups done in a relay format.


For you and your buddies! There are now two more great programs for current athletes and future athletes to benefit from functional fitness in an amazing community. Fundamentals are not required for either of these classes.

HyperStrike 2.0 is a specialty class available to all athletes. This program combines striking with self-defense in a really fun workout. The class is 60 minutes.

Starting December 1st, HyperStrike Specialty Classes will be offered at the following times:

Wed 5:45 pm *

Friday 10:15 am*

Saturday 10:15 am

*Wednesday and Friday will be the same class curriculum and workout. Two times are being offered for convenience. Participants are encouraged to do either Wednesday or Friday in addition to Saturday. Times are subject to change based on participation. 5 class packs are available for $50 for members and $75 for non-members. Athletes need to bring their own MMA gloves.


For those with only 30 minutes at lunchtime and want to make it count. Join for a fast-paced high-energy sweat sesh. Lot's of functional movement with kettlebells, medicine balls, and dumbbells, but no barbell.

For the remainder of 2018 classes will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:30. During the launch phase (now through December) current athletes may attend any SWEAT:30 class for free, we just ask that you bring your best positive attitude (and a friend!). Non-members may attend one free class, then subsequent classes are 10 for $150.


Congrats on your 100th class Straten and Tyne!

Happy Birthday!

Jeff G (11/29)

Rob B (11/30)

Candace A (12/2)

Tom H (12/3)


Thank you to everyone for bearing with us late last week and over the weekend. As many projects do, this one grew and it was necessary to work on both men's showers at the same time. Fortunately, we have an amazing handi-man in our midst! Billy will be working steadily this week moving the plumbing, redoing the walls, and laying tile. Thank you for your patience. We expect the showers to be ready at the end of the week.


Link to sign up:

Last year we proved the generous spirit of our HPA family and showered two local families who had a child undergoing cancer treatment with gifts, clothes, and love.

This year we're gonna do it again and our families have gotten bigger! Drew and I ask each athlete to get involved with making a difference for two families going through something that NO family should have to go through. The list of needs is at the front desk. Talk with your class ambassador for coordinating gifts.


HPA Holiday Party Dec 15th. No kids, no gym clothes allowed. Join us the evening of Saturday December 15th for an evening of laughter and community. Significant others encouraged. HPA will provide the food and fun. Look for an email invite with location and more details.


HPA has partnered with Latin Chicks to bring some healthy food and motivation to your favorite office or work team. Contact if you'd like to set up time for your office. Free up to 10 people.


During the Holidays we go to a limited schedule because so many athletes are traveling. By offering only 3 classes we ensure that ALL our coaches get some time off too and that classes are full and fun.

Limited Schedule Days means there will be a 6:15 am, 9:00 am, and 4:30 pm only.

Mon Dec 24th - AM Classes only. Gym closes at 1pm.

Tues Dec 25 - Closed

Wed Dec 26 - Limited + Sweat:30

Thurs Dec 27 - Limited

Fri Dec 28 - Limited + Sweat:30

Sat Dec 29 - normal

Mon Dec 31 - AM Classes only

Tues Jan 1 - 11:30 AM only


Saturday Dec 1st - Bridge Run with Hunter

Saturday Dec 1st - First Saturday Friend Fest 9am

Fridays December 7th, 14th, and 21th Friend Fridays!

Saturday Dec 15th - HPA HOLIDAY Party!

Saturday Dec 22nd - Coaching Principles (NSCA CEUs)


(Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others)


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